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About the Paris Semester

Experience Asbury in Paris!

The influence of a short-term trip cannot be compared to the lasting impact of learning and living abroad for a length of time, in a single place. In the fall of 2014, Asbury University launched its Paris Semester  program to make such an experience possible in the French capital. Asbury’s Paris Semester  provides a full, 13-18 credit hour semester of various general foundational credits, in addition to courses focusing particularly on modern and contemporary global contributions stemming from France; language study; and the opportunity of an internship in one’s field. 

The program places students in the heart of Paris for the fall semester. Students benefit from on-site supervision by Asbury faculty while living either 1) in the program’s dormitory with English- and French-speaking staff or 2) in a French homestay environment with a French host.

Applicants do not need to come to Paris with prior French language training but are required to take French language within the program while in Paris. In addition, French majors have the opportunity to enroll in more advanced language courses if they so desire.

Asbury’s Paris Semester offers: 

  • An international experience in a major cosmopolitan center in the heart of Europe
  • A semester cost close to the cost of a regular semester on Asbury’s home campus 
  • On-site guidance and mentorship by Asbury faculty
  • A central Paris dormitory setting with other Asbury students, offering the security and benefits similar to dorm-living back on Asbury’s campus, or a French homestay 
  • Option of (non-paid) field experience in one’s discipline granting internship credit 
  • A  full semester of liberal arts credits from a range of offerings  

For the added cost of what most students spend for a 1- to 2-week experience abroad for missions, travel courses or vacations, students accepted into Asbury’s Paris Semester spend an entire university term of study overseas (12 weeks).

The program is open to both Asbury traditional undergraduate students as well as qualifying students from any other accredited college or university in the U.S. Applicants must be full-time students with a minimum GPA of 2.75, having completed at least two university semesters. Application does not guarantee admission into the program. Rather, applicants are vetted per their capacity to thrive in and benefit from the particular challenges and opportunities within Paris Semester