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Political Science Career Possibilities

A baccalaureate degree in political science provides an excellent, all-around education, and graduates can pursue a range of career and professional options. Though perhaps the major of choice for those interested in attending law school, political science is also an ideal field of study for students who wish to work in a staff or management capacity in government agencies, non-government organizations, or corporate settings. It can also provide a strong background for students interested in missions or international ministry, because effectiveness in these roles is contingent upon understanding other nations and cultures. And of course, political science study is a natural fit for students considering political or elective office.

The American Political Science Association offers several publications about careers for political science majors.

Though most colleges and universities offer political science or government, Asbury University’s program differs from many of those available elsewhere. Ours assumes it is possible to be rigorous, critical, and empirically informed in the discipline while at the same time honoring the traditions and concepts on which our nation is based, such as republicanism, market capitalism, free religious expression, and limited, accountable government. Asbury’s political science program is also distinctive in approaching the discipline with a complete commitment to the liberal arts, and to the institution’s Wesleyan Christian heritage.