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Pre-Physical Therapy Program

Asbury University offers a tailored pre-physical therapy preparation program to help highly-motivated undergraduate students gain the academic and hands-on experience necessary to be eligible for admission to competitive Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree programs.

To become a physical therapist, you need to graduate from an accredited DPT program, pass national licensure exams and become licensed in your state. Selecting the right bachelor’s degree program is the first step to setting you up for success. Asbury’s pre-PT pathway is an ideal option, with relevant and up-to-date coursework and real-world experiences to get you closer to satisfying physical therapy program prerequisites.

About the Pre-Therapy Pathway

At Asbury, more than 90% of our pre-PT graduates who apply are accepted to physical therapy degree programs. With the diverse experiences available and flexibility of elective choice, you may even be able to focus your attention on a physical therapy specialty, such as sports or pediatric physical therapy.

Throughout your undergraduate journey at Asbury, you can pursue your degree while receiving course selection advice and unique opportunities to further your education in the field of physical therapy. Take the assistance of a guiding hand to ensure you feel confident in your ability to be accepted into the Doctor of Physical Therapy programs of your dreams.

General Pre-PT Timeline

▾ Years 1–3

As you pursue your undergraduate degree program (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science), you’ll take specific prerequisite courses under the guidance of your advisor. Begin investigating the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree programs to which you might apply.

To translate classroom skills into real-world experiences, you’ll shadow practicing physical therapists, participate in mission trips and community outreach experiences and participate in mock interviews.

▾ Summer Following Year 3

It’s application season! Sign up to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), request letters of recommendation from faculty members and professionals in the field, send copies of your official Asbury transcripts and complete your applications through the Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service.

▾ Year 4

As a senior, complete your academic major requirements and Foundations requirements to earn your bachelor’s degree in your chosen field. During this time, you’ll be submitting your applications, interviewing with programs and receiving your acceptance(s).

Benefits and Advantages

Pre-PT studies at Asbury go beyond the hands-on learning at the Kort Physical Therapy center. Becoming a pre-physical therapy student at Asbury means access to benefits both academic and professional. You’ll never be alone in choosing classes or finding extracurricular opportunities.

  • One-on-one academic advising
  • Direct research experience
  • Visiting experts and guest speakers
  • Networking events
  • Internships
  • Professional shadowing opportunities
  • Access to letters of recommendation
  • Interview and application prep

In the pre-PT program, you’ll not only take the correct courses, but you’ll have exceptional opportunities each step of the way, from when you begin investigating your dream DPT programs to when you send in your applications and receive your acceptance.

Attend the Global Missions Health Conference (GMHC), gain experience through volunteer work or internship credit or shadow a credentialed physical therapist in a clinical or community setting. These unique opportunities to work closely with professionals position students to successfully petition for letters of recommendation from expert faculty or practicing physical therapists attesting to their dedication to the field.

When you begin your DPT applications, we’re here to help you with mock interviews and understanding test requirements and application components.

Asbury Physical Therapists in the Field

Dr. Tommy Otley ’17

Dr. Tommy Otley ’17 works as the team physical therapist and sports scientist with University of Miami Basketball. He shares: “Asbury’s Pre-Physical therapy program set a strong foundation for me as an aspiring physical therapist. The coursework challenged me to grow and develop the skills I needed to succeed in PT school, and my professors instilled a passion for learning, inspiring me to continue my educational journey after PT school through residency and fellowship education. Dr. Vins Sutlive and I had the opportunity to present a research project together at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research, motivating me to continue to participate in research activities and to help grow our profession. Dr. Elise Kearns made a significant impact on me and my passion for the profession. She always took the time to answer questions helping me connect what I was learning to my career goals of working in elite athletics. All my professors consistently demonstrated the ability to connect with me and to find the best approaches to motivate me and help me grow. In my current role, I help elite athletes reach their performance goals as they return from injury. The most rewarding part of my job is getting so see athletes I’ve worked with back on the court getting to do what they love and perform at their best.”


Dr. Susanna Hall ’18 Heinss

Dr. Susanna Hall ’18 Heinss works as an acute care physical therapist at UK Chandler Medical Center within the pulmonary ICU, the Markey Cancer Center, and across Medical-Surgical teams. She shares: “Asbury’s courses were extremely thorough and covered advanced materials that directly applied to my courses in physical therapy school. Many professors at Asbury, including Dr. Elise Kearns, Dr. Vins Sutlive, Dr. Bobby Baldridge (retired), and Dr. Ben Brammell, held me to a high standard of academic excellence that prepared me for graduate school.  Their support and encouragement helped to kindle my love of learning. I love being able to help people make strides toward physical independence and quality of life during early recovery. Caring for people while they are most vulnerable has opened up many doors to show the love of Christ to those around me.”



Dr. Catie Fletcher ’16

Dr. Catie Fletcher ’16 works as a physical therapist at Bluegrass Community Hospital in Versailles, KY. She shares: “My time at Asbury was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. My classes were challenging, yet fun, and they equipped me for the rigorous coursework that I encountered in graduate school. Dr. Baldridge and Dr. Kearns were paramount in preparing me for physical therapy school. I accept the daily challenge of assessing and treating individuals across the lifespan with varying diagnoses and have the privilege of empathizing with them, teaching them, and helping them to move more optimally so that life is enjoyable and rewarding. I often treat my patients for several weeks, so I have the opportunity to build lasting relationships and watch the healing process unfold with every person I encounter. The spiritual revelation and foundational knowledge that I gleaned at Asbury still guides me today as I educate, encourage, and treat my patients.”



Dr. Craig Moberley ’16

Dr. Craig Moberley ’16 works as a physical therapist at Bluegrass Orthopaedics in Lexington, KY. He shares: “Asbury’s smaller classes and direct access to professors allowed a higher level of understanding, which propelled me to excel in physical therapy school and now into my time as a practitioner. Dr. Kearns was pivotal in my decision to pursue physical therapy. She was eager and happy to help with any coursework, and she encouraged a strong work ethic because she wanted all of her students to excel. She is humble, gracious, approachable, and a phenomenal professor who creates an ideal learning environment. In my job, I enjoy interacting with patients and learning about their story. I try to be a light and create meaningful relationships, hoping I can make an impact on their lives physically, mentally, and spiritually.”




The pre-PT program ensures training in the following areas to gain foundational knowledge of living systems, behavior and critical analysis and exposes students to concepts they’ll use in physical therapy careers through labs and hands-on opportunities:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physical science
  • Anatomy and physiology

It’s essential to check with your selected DPT programs to keep on track with the number of course credits, lab credits and subjects required for their particular program.

What to Major in for Physical Therapy Careers

Students in the pre-physical therapy program can select any major they wish from Asbury’s offerings and add the necessary pre-PT courses as electives. Majors in the sciences, such as exercise science, will naturally include more pre-PT courses, leaving students with the room to dive deeper into their field and pursue internships and hands-on experiences.

Popular majors for pre-physical therapy students:

The B.A. in Exercise Science degree program’s kinesiology concentration is the pathway that includes most of the required and recommended courses for physical therapy school preparation.

Review all majors and minors at Asbury.

Pre-Physical Therapy Courses

Courses are included based on prerequisites typically required for applying to physical therapy doctoral programs. We guide you to take required courses as well as recommended courses.

 Pre-PT course offerings at Asbury include:

  • General Biology (2 semesters with lab)
  • General Chemistry (2 semesters with lab)
  • Anatomy (1 semester each with lab)
  • Physiology (1 semester with lab)
  • Anatomy & Physiology (2 semesters with lab)
  • Physics (2 semesters with lab)
  • Statistics (1 semester)
  • Psychology (1 or 2 semesters)

Further, recommended courses for pre-physical therapy students include Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, and Functional Anatomy.

Find complete offerings and course descriptions in the College Catalog.

Resources for Pre-Physical Therapy Students

Here are resources that you’ll need in your pre-physical therapy journey.

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Contact Us

For assistance joining Asbury’s pre-PT program or further insight into preparing for a career as a physical therapist, contact the pre-Physical Therapy advisor, or the pre-physical therapy advisor.

How to Apply to the Pre-PT Program at Asbury University

Asbury University’s pre-physical therapy program is excellent preparation for students seeking admission to doctoral programs in PT after graduation.

To apply to the pre-PT program, explore Asbury undergraduate admissions to get started.

Contact an admissions counselor with questions or begin your application today, selecting a major in the sciences or one of your choosing.