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The Mission Farm Project is a self-sustaining farm used to train students for agriculture in a mission setting. Learn basic skills to plan, establish, maintain, harvest and use a crop. Explore how to adapt to other cultures and utilize local resources in the mission field.

Skills Acquired

  • Knowledge about soils, water use, planting, sowing, and harvesting crops
  • Food preparation
  • How food relates to people of other cultures
  • How local foods improve our diet
  • Construction of various buildings
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Team Work
  • How to use food to show love to others


  • Instructors from four departments and two universities
  • Guest speakers from agricultural missions worldwide
  • Experts in various fields advise
  • Field trips to agricultural sites
  • Students from 17 different majors

Contact Dr. Ray Smith at if you have any questions.