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Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Physical Education Grades K-12

Asbury University’s Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Health and Physical Education degree program qualifies you to teach both health and physical education (P.E.) in primary through high school settings and pursue a variety of callings, such as the dual career pathway of teaching and coaching sports in public or private schools.

The Health and Physical Education major’s hands-on teaching experiences and knowledgeable faculty will guide you towards passing certification exams and meeting requirements to teach P.E. and health in Kentucky. As a certified P.E. or health teacher, you’ll have the unique ability to impact students, awaken their personal interest in committing to an active lifestyle and initiate their amazement as to how we are so wonderfully and intricately created.

Whether you aim to become an inspiring instructor in the gymnasium or the health classroom, through Asbury’s physical education bachelor’s degree program, you’ll have learned how to challenge and encourage your students to be aware of their personal health and live more fulfilling lives.

Physical Education Major Requirements

Requirements for the degree in health and physical education are comprised of teaching methods courses from the Department of Education and foundational science, physical education and coaching skills content courses from the Science and Health Department.

Courses you might take in the B.S. in Health and Physical Education include:

  • Learning Performance and Assessment
  • Classroom Management
  • Instruction for Teaching Physical Education and Health
  • Foundations of Health and Exercise
  • Nutrition for Health and Human Performance
  • Injury Care and Safety
  • Introduction to Coaching
  • Statistics and Evaluation in Physical Education and Exercise Science

See the rest of the course list, including descriptions, in the course catalog.

In addition to academic requirements, the bachelor’s in health and physical education degree program includes a hands-on coaching practicum and field course components that emphasize sports knowledge and coaching skills, as well as a professional student teaching semester in an accredited school.

Review complete degree requirements for health and P.E. teaching.

Learn more about Asbury’s Foundations general education program requirements.

Pursue Health/P.E. Teacher Certification and Teaching and Coaching Careers

 In many states, if you want to become a coach in a particular school sport like football, basketball, soccer or baseball, you are required to be employed by the school system in which you are coaching.

The Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education’s coursework and student teaching requirements fulfill components you need to attain dual certification in both P.E. and health for students in kindergarten through high school, opening opportunities to seek this common employment combination and begin a career coaching and teaching.

Learn more about the Teacher Education Program requirements, which include the student teaching year and culminate with a recommendation for certification.

Why Earn a Health and Physical Education Degree at Asbury

Choosing this dual teaching major extends your potential of becoming certified to teach health and physical education to students in kindergarten through high school. If you’re intrigued by a career in teaching P.E. and coaching, impacting students the way perhaps your P.E. teachers and coaches impacted you, see what Asbury has to offer.

Asbury’s Extracurricular Experiences and Study Abroad Opportunities

From the tumbling team to the community partnership projects like Service Mounts, the Asbury campus community provides many opportunities to get involved and explore your interests in meaningful and productive ways.

Thanks to Asbury’s commitment and belief in experiential learning, you’ll also have opportunities to explore off-campus programs that integrate learning, faith and exploration. Whether it’s traveling abroad to complete a Cross-Cultural Experience or joining mission outreach programs, Asbury students have visited locations like Ireland, Washington, D.C. and China.

Review further details about Asbury’s study abroad and off-campus programs.

Exceptional Academic and Career Resources

As a dual major in health and physical education, you’ll have access to the Education Department’s extensive career and curriculum resources, as well as Science and Health Department facilities.

From beautiful outdoor trails and recreation areas to education resources helping you get certified and find job openings, Asbury student resources span your academic, personal and professional needs.

Asbury Financial Aid Programs and Scholarships

Asbury Financial Aid is here to help ensure that your bachelor’s degree is an affordable choice and smart investment. Find support that fits your needs, from government grants and scholarships to paid work study and on-campus employment opportunities.

Learn about different types of financial aid and review complete financial aid information.

Learn more about tuition and use our net price calculator to estimate costs.

Explore Asbury Admissions

If you’re called to pursue a career as a certified P.E. or health teacher in Kentucky or careers teaching and coaching in other locations, begin by reviewing admissions requirements. For more information, contact Asbury Admissions.

Apply to the Health and Physical Education Degree Program

 Asbury University’s health and physical education majors will graduate qualified to teach health, P.E., or both, opening career opportunities that endeavor to change lives through physical education and through teaching lessons that uplift a healthy lifestyle.

Apply to the B.S. in Health and Physical Education program today. Or, get to know Asbury University by setting up a campus visit. You can speak to faculty, sit in on classes and speak with our current students regarding their experiences and goals.