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Equine Studies Degree Program

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Asbury University’s equine studies degree programs prepare students for a variety of career fields within the industry, from training and riding to advanced equine management. Our experience-driven Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Equine Studies is designed to strengthen career outcomes. Several purposeful concentration areas empower students to forge a path all their own.

Equine majors at Asbury develop the skills they need to move towards their future careers in equine therapy, business and more, supported by the ability to gain hands-on experience in their field and train in their preferred riding style, using Asbury’s best-in-industry equestrian facilities.

What are Equine Studies?

Equine studies curriculums typically bridge courses in horseback riding and facility and equipment management with hands-on training in equine care. Individuals interested in careers working with horses, from sales and track management to training and breeding, may choose to pursue equine studies, some continuing on to master’s programs supporting further opportunities in business management, education or equine-assisted therapies. Asbury offers numerous majors in the B.A. in Equine Studies as well as an equine studies minor.

Asbury also offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Equine Assisted Services and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Equine Science, a pre-veterinary track. Learn more about the equine assisted services and equine science degree programs.

B.A. in Equine Studies

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Equine Studies requires a total of 124 credit hours, typically completed in four years. The curriculum includes core major courses as well as coursework in an area of concentration.

  • 26 credits in core major courses
  • 15 credits in concentration courses
  • 56 credits in Foundations general education courses
  • 24-27 elective credits to complete minimum credit requirements

Every equine studies major completes horseback riding courses and learns basic training, health and first aid and stable management practices. Our general studies courses in communication and critical thinking skills ensure a well-rounded undergraduate education. Explore Foundations, Asbury’s general education curriculum and review the requirements and concentration options for the B.A. in Equine Studies.


In addition to providing a well-rounded equine education, Asbury’s equine studies major offers three concentrations that allow students to specialize in specific areas.

▾ Equine Management Concentration

Courses required in the Equine Management major concentration are designed to hone business skills specifically for the equine industry, leading to positions such as horse show manager, farm manager and other supervisory roles. Courses include:

  • Farm and Ranch Management
  • Equine Administration
  • Equine Law

Students who choose the Equine Management concentration for their B.A. in Equine Studies will graduate prepared to enter the workforce or to pursue additional education for roles like equine lawyer or accountant.

Find complete degree requirements for B.A. in Equine Studies—Equine Management.

▾ Equine Training Concentration

In this major concentration, enhance your equine studies knowledge with advanced horse training skills. You’ll receive hands-on, in-depth instruction in courses such as:

  • Weanling, Yearling and Long Yearling Training
  • Starting Under Saddle I and II
  • Advanced Horse Under Saddle I and II

Students moved to help others learn how to ride horses can get certified as riding instructors in this major, taking advantage of the indoor and outdoor training facilities on the Asbury campus.

Find complete degree requirements for B.A. in Equine Studies—Equine Training.

▾ Equine Science Concentration

Receive well-rounded equine industry training with the B.A. in Equine Studies—Equine Science concentration option. With fewer science and math courses than Asbury’s B.A. in Equine Science program, this degree enhances foundational equine studies with courses providing a solid foundation for careers or graduate study in equine science and equine health. Take courses including:

  • Equine Nutrition and Forage Management
  • Equine Immunology and Diseases
  • Equine Exercise and Conditioning

Qualify for jobs on ranches, with breeders, in races or prepare for a career in veterinary medicine with a Bachelor’s in Equine Studies, concentrating in Equine Science.

Find complete degree requirements for B.A. in Equine Studies—Equine Science.

Why Earn an Equine Degree at Asbury University?

Asbury’s trailblazing Equine Program is the only one to offer an equine management major and the only one with a student-run police horse training program. It’s unique experiences like this that enable Asbury equine studies majors to find personal fulfillment while cultivating their professional skills.

With an applied, hands-on approach to equine studies and a perspective built on community, Asbury University graduates are capable, motivated servant leaders who enter the workforce in various areas of the equine industry.

▾ Equestrian Internships and Work Experience

Asbury students have access to an abundance of experiential learning opportunities, from cross-cultural engagement projects to travel abroad programs. Valuing the power of industry connection and experience, many equine majors require students to complete an internship program as part of the curriculum.

Students in our equine majors can begin both work experiences and leadership projects right on campus or in Asbury’s expansive backyard of Wilmore, Kentucky and nearby Lexington.

Learn how equine studies internships can strengthen your resume while you get academic credit.

▾ Equine Center Facilities

Exceptional equine education meets integrated hands-on learning on our pastoral Wilmore, KY campus. Students learn, relax and connect with each other and animals throughout the Equine Program premises.

From exploring pastures, indoor and outdoor riding arenas and beautiful riding trails to stalling your horse in a historical private barn, Asbury’s 341-acre facility has it all.

Explore our Equine Program facilities and amenities.

New Western Riding Facilities

In addition to housing classrooms, stalls and tack rooms, Asbury’s Equine Program Facilities now include a dedicated Western riding barn. 

Students seeking to improve their Western-style riding or have dreams of pursuing careers in Western riding or training have unique accommodations to polish their skills.

▾ Flexible Double Majors and Minors

Programs are structured so students can venture into a life of service in the horse industry prepared by double majors, minors and degree concentrations in areas meaningful to them and their calling.

Students pursuing management, sales, marketing or other business careers within the equine space might benefit from studying in the accounting major or entrepreneurship minor. If you feel like your vocation involves serving the community by working in mental health counseling, gain a unique toolset in Equine Facilitated Mental Health through a double major in psychology.

These dual-major combinations are endless. Review a complete list of Asbury’s majors and minors.

▾ More Equine Program Features

Pursuing Equine Studies at Asbury University is a unique opportunity to develop a breadth of equestrian skills and equine knowledge in a well-rounded academic environment that supports your spiritual journey, surrounded by rolling green hills and 6 miles of riding trails.

Review the equine studies clubs and programs unique to Asbury.

Equestrian Career Preparation

Our bachelor’s degree in Equine Studies opens a wealth of career opportunities within the equine industry. A bachelor’s degree is also necessary for pursuing the advanced credentials needed for jobs like an equine lawyer, equine-assisted mental health counselor, equine veterinarian or equine accountant.

Backed by Asbury’s holistic, liberal arts-driven general education curriculum and experiences outside of the classroom, equine majors can pursue career fields such as:

  • Breeding and breeding management
  • Stable and farm management
  • Pedigree analysis and equine sales
  • Horse training and riding
  • Equine accounting
  • Trail guiding
  • Mounted local or national government service

Students in the B.A. in Equine Studies gain both the technical riding skills and equine care knowledge to work directly with horses in any setting, plus specialized training in essential tenets of the equine industry.

While a bachelor’s degree in an equine program can launch careers in community, educational and recreational settings as well as on real horse tracks, some career paths require advanced studies or professional credentials, including:

  • Equine law
  • Equine dentistry or medicine
  • Equine physical or massage therapist
  • Equine veterinarian

Asbury’s equine majors emphasize their classroom learning with unrivaled applied experiences tailored to their unique calling. These opportunities both on and off campus strengthen the resumes of our students, preparing them for graduate programs and embarking on their careers.

Explore some of the ways graduates from the Equine Program can start their careers or pursue graduate education.

Equine Studies Programs Admissions and Financial Aid

Asbury offers GPA-based merit scholarships and financial aid to out-of-state students, among other aid opportunities. Review the financial aid options available at Asbury.

To find out how to apply as a first time or transfer student to an equine major, review Asbury University’s admissions process and requirements.

Apply to Asbury University Equine Degree Programs

After earning a B.A. in Equine Studies at Asbury University, students are well-prepared to pursue their calling as equestrians, whether they begin a career in farm management, work in animal-assisted therapeutics or continue their education.

If you’re interested in one of Asbury’s exceptional and individualized equine degree programs, request more information using the form on this page or begin your application today.