Online MSW Program FAQs

Admission Requirements

The online students will have the same admission requirements as the on campus program. These can be viewed on the Admission page and most can be submitted online.  These requirements also include the required 3 prerequisites which are:  introduction to psychology, introduction to sociology, and a statistics course (each should be 3 credit hours).

Field Placement

Standard Program students will complete their first field placement in their second and fourth years. The student will work with our field director to find an appropriate placement and will fulfill the required hours, hopefully in a setting near his/her home. Advanced Standing students will complete their field placement in the second year of the program.

In the seat courses

There will be 4 classes that MUST be taken on our campus. For the standard program, students will take all 4 classes and for the Advanced Standing program, students will take 2 of these classes. These courses will be in mid-May each year. The residency will be one week long, meeting on Monday-Friday all day. We will work with students who need lodging to be here those weeks for classes.

Interview with Program Director/Field Director

We will require an interview (in person if distance permits or via skype if student lives a great distance from Asbury) at some point in the application process or before the first field placement.

Length of Program

The online program will be part time. The standard program (60 credit hours) will take 4 years to complete. The Advanced Standing program (39 credit hours) will take 2 years or up to 2 ½ years to complete.

Start Dates

The online MSW program will begin in the fall of 2017. The advanced standing cohort that begins in the fall of 2017 will finish in December of 2019. Standard program students beginning in the fall of 2017 will graduate in May of 2021.

Typical Course load

Most online students will take 2 classes or 6 semester hours per semester. The classes will be 8 weeks long, with one class the first 8 weeks and the 2nd class the last 8 weeks. Each class will have synchronous sessions in which all students will be required to take part at a particular time in the evening (via adobe connect).


On-Campus MSW Program FAQs

What are the Asbury University MSW admission requirements?

Two-Year Program

  • Completed undergraduate degree
  • Completed Prerequisite Courses or Plan for Completion prior to matriculation (Statistics,Introductions to Psychology & Sociology, 9 semester hours in Humanities)
  • Minimum of 2.75 cumulative GPA

Advanced Standing Program

  • BSW degree completed in the last 10 years from a CSWE accredited school including a class in Statistics
  • Minimum of 3.25 cumulative GPA

Is the program offered online?

Yes! Our new online degree is launching this fall. Contact Barb Boyle at barb.boyle@asbury.edu for more information.

Do I have to take the GRE to get into the MSW program?


What does the Asbury University MSW program cost?

Tuition for 2016-17 is $595/credit hour.

Additional Course Fees:

  • SWG 550 & SWG 650 - $300 for each course
  • SWG 590 & SWG 690 - $150 for each course
  • SWG 720 - $40

Is financial aid available?

Yes. Students must submit a FAFSA to determine their qualifications for federal aid.

What is the application deadline for Asbury University's MSW program?

All application materials, including transcripts and references, should be received no later than one month before the first day of the semester in which you intend to enroll. Completed applications are reviewed on a “rolling schedule” once admission packets are complete and space in the program remains available.

How are classes offered in the Asbury University MSW program?

Afternoons and evenings (Note: It is not possible to complete the program through evening classes only.)

Is there a new student orientation for graduate students?

Yes. New student orientations are held at the beginning of each academic year, and all new students are required to attend.

How long does it take to finish the program?

The full-time program is to be completed in two academic years.

The advanced standing program (for BSW degree holders) requires a summer term, followed by one full time academic year.

Advanced Standing Frequently Asked Questions