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The Media program offers students a 4+1 program, allowing students to finish their undergraduate degree (B.A) and then receive a Masters degree in Communication Arts: Digital Storytelling in as little as one additional year. Nine hours of the undergraduate program reduce this M.A. to 30 hours of credit. Seniors are also allowed to take up to 9 hours of graduate courses (cannot be counted toward undergraduate degree), further reducing the M.A. to 21 hours after undergraduate degree completion.

Asbury also offers two Master of Fine Arts degrees: Screenwriting and Film & Television Production. Both of these programs are 42 hours of credit.

Some of the advantages of our graduate degree program is that the courses can be taken on campus to take advantage of equipment and our facilty or the program can be taken online. This allows the M.A. student to be located anywhere around the world, working at a job, and still be working toward a graduate degree. The graduate tuition has been significantly reduced from the cost of the undergrad tuition in order to help our students obtain graduate degrees.