4+1 Program in Communication – Asbury University
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The School of Communication Arts offers students a 4+1 program, allowing students to finish their undergraduate degree (B.A.) and then receive a Master of Arts: Digital Storytelling (M.A.) in as little as one additional year. The M.A. in Digital Storytelling requires 30 graduate hours.

Three undergraduate prerequisite courses need to be completed in order to enter the 4+1 program. These are: MC-121 Audio Production (or equivalent), MC-261 Multi-Camera Production (or equivalent), and MC-302 Single Camera Production (or equivalent). Seniors are then allowed to take up to 9 hours of graduate courses (these cannot be counted toward one’s undergraduate degree), which reduces the M.A. to 21 hours left after undergraduate degree completion. Furthermore, the graduate courses taken during one’s senior year add no cost to the undergraduate’s tuition – a significant cost savings – with the senior completing 30% of the M.A. program with no additional funds needed.

Benefits of our graduate degree program also include some of the courses can be taken on campus to take advantage of equipment and our facility, or the program can be taken online. Being online in graduate school allows the M.A. student to be located anywhere around the world, working at a job, while completing their graduate degree. Another advantage is graduate tuition has been significantly reduced from the cost of the undergrad tuition in order to help our students obtain valuable graduate degrees.

Asbury also offers two other graduate Communication degrees: Master of Fine Arts: Screenwriting, and Master of Fine Arts: Film & Television Production. Both of these M.F.A. programs are 42 hours of credit, serve as a terminal degree in these fields, and can be started as undergraduate seniors. One note: an M.F.A. degree will require more time than an additional year. Those who choose the MFA route can reduce the 42 graduate hours to 33, completing just over 20% of the degree while being an undergraduate.