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B.A. in Instructional Design Program

Instructional Design Major Sheet (PDF)

Why Study Instructional Design at Asbury University?

Instructional Design is a highly sought after career. Many of the skills you learn in Instructional Design can be adapted to teaching, training, web design, consulting and of course Instructional Design in an educational setting as well as corporate or nonprofit training. Even the military has Instructional Designers, creating some of the most technologically advanced training for soldiers including digital game-based scenarios. The Bureau of Labor statistics estimates an 11% faster than average job growth for Instructional Designers and Coordinators. The Instructional Design B.A. degree at Asbury prepares students to enter into fields of Instructional Design or Training. A focus is placed on developing skills in the theories of learning and design paired with the purposeful use of the latest digital educational technologies and skills for the 21st century workforce.

What is the Instructional Design major like?

The Instructional Design major requires the same Foundations as other B.A degrees offered at Asbury University. You will need 49 credits in the Foundations courses, 42 credits for your Major in Instructional Design and 33 credits of Electives to reach the required 124 credits in all. Many of the instructional design courses will contain a hands-on component where you will create projects using the latest tools for instructional designers, providing you with technology skills adaptable to many career choices. Creativity using digital technologies online is encouraged and celebrated. The Instructional Design degree has many courses that are offered online. Your advisor will be an Instructional Design full-time faculty and will closely advise you on your choices of online courses combined with face-to-face classes at Asbury.

What subjects will I study?

You will study for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Instructional Design.  Instructional Design is defined by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) defines instructional design as; “the theory and practice of design, development, utilization, management, and evaluation of processes and resources for learning” (Reiser, 2002, p. 1).  Asbury University also offers a wide selection of multimedia technology, design and communication courses that can be added to the instructional design degree to enhance your career trajectory.  Such courses as communication, media and web design, taken as electives,  will only enhance your skills in the Instructional Design program.

Who will be my professors?

Your professors will be experienced instructional designers and educators with many years working in the field of education, training and instructional design. You’re advisor will be a full-time faculty member teaching in the Instructional Design program. At least 70% of your Instructional Design degree courses will be taught by a professor with a terminal degree along with many years’ experience working in the field. Other instructors have many years of hands-on E-learning experience in technology and design and will model best practices for digital learning and training in your online courses.

What opportunities will I have outside of class?

All students will have the opportunity to create and present their Capstone projects to a panel of Instructional Design professors and professionals. Internship opportunities are possible as well as self-funded presentation opportunities.

What will be my career opportunities after I graduate?

Career opportunities are broad and adaptable. Most Instructional Designers holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Instructional Design will seek positions where Instructional Design is a required skill for the position. Some of these positions will be found listed as Instructional Designer, Instructional Coordinator, E-learning Designer, Training Specialist and many others. Some Instructional Designers can work on their own as a consultant, assisting various organizations with their instructional design needs. Several Instructional Design students have been offered positions in an Instructional Design field while still finishing their degree program at Asbury University. The possibilities of adapting your undergraduate Instructional Design degree are limitless to your own creativity and desire to expand your horizons. Call our admissions department today to find out more about enrolling in the Instructional Design program at Asbury University.