Overview - HPER

HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION, & RECREATION                            

Dr. Ken Pickerill, Chair

The Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation at Asbury University has a strong commitment to a program of quality.  The program offers the student both depth and breadth in Equine Studies, Exercise Science, Pre-Physical/Occupational Therapy, Health and Physical Education, and Recreation-Public and Adventure Leadership emphases.  Five majors and five minors are available.       

[Major and Minor Requirements]


A. The HPER majors include the following:

The EQUINE STUDIES MAJOR prepares graduates for serving in the horse industry as riding instructors, stable and/or farm managers, and in ministry settings, as well as for pursuing graduate school in related fields of study.  Students will also be introduced to facility and event management, business operations, and equestrian organizations.  Three concentration areas are offered: Management, Equine Science, and Equitation/Training.  A dual track major may be pursued in Equine Facilitated Wellness by completing the Equine Studies major in combination with a Psychology major.

The EXERCISE SCIENCE – HUMAN PERFORMANCE MAJOR prepares the student for entry level positions in a growing number of career opportunities. This major provides for preparation in health, fitness and movement areas, thus providing academic and field experience internships in such areas as corporate, commercial, private and clinical based fitness/wellness, and athletic strength and conditioning in high schools, colleges and sports medicine clinics.  This major provides the academic preparation to sit for certification by the leading organizations in the field, such as the American College of Sports Medicine or The National Strength and Conditioning Association. 

The PRE-PHYSICAL/PRE-OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY MAJOR is designed to prepare the student for graduate school and ultimately employment in such professions as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other health areas.  Employment settings might include public schools, rehabilitation clinics, and extended care facilities.

The HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJOR prepares the students for positions as kindergarten through high school teachers in both health and physical education.  Dual certification may be obtained.  This area of study combines pedagogy courses from the Department of Education and content classes from HPER.

The RECREATION MAJOR prepares the students for positions in parks and recreation administration, facility planning and design, outdoor leadership, and recreation programming.  More specifically, two areas of concentration are available: Public Recreation and Adventure Leadership.  The first provides preparation for city/county parks, camps, church, and other non-profit agencies for positions in leadership, supervision, instruction, and programming.  The Adventure Leadership concentration combines a core of recreation classes with theoretical and skill-based field courses.  It provides transferable leadership skills and is especially well-suited to be combined with minors from other academic departments.  Both emphases may also prepare a student to seek graduate studies in a variety of areas.


B.The HPER student majors are encouraged to become involved in state and national professional organizations related to their major.  Students are encouraged to attend professional conventions, hear guest lectures, and gain work experience in their area of interest.


C. The HPER minors include Adventure Leadership, Coaching, Equine Studies, Exercise Science, and Recreation.  Each provides core knowledge in their respective areas for potential employment or further educational pursuits. The Coaching Minor prepares both the education and the non-education major for coaching opportunities in the middle school and high school settings as well as the non-school setting. The Equine Management Minor provides the unique educational opportunity for students desiring to pursue an interest in the equine profession. 


D. A tumbling team, which performs gymnastic exhibitions and witnesses in schools and churches, is also a part of the department.  The tumbling team travels on a tour to the surrounding states during spring break and performs at a homecoming show, “Jym Jamboree,” upon return to campus. 


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