Frequently Asked Questions at the Equine Center

Can I bring my horse with me to Asbury University?
Yes, students who are in their second year can board their horse at the Asbury University Equine facilities. There are two types of board available: stall board or turn-out pasture board.

Do I have to own a horse to be in the equine program?
No, the University provides horses and all equipment needed for riding and classes. Students do have the option to lease a horse from the University, contract applies.

If I do not have a car, how do I get to the farm?
The equine facility is located two miles from the main campus. A van is provided for transportation for all classes. Outside of class, you can usually find another student with a car heading out to the farm.

Is there an extra fee to take equine classes?
Yes, there is an additional course fee for all classes involving horses.

Is there any internship opportunities?
Yes, all students in the equine program have the opportunity for an internship. The location of this internship does not have to take place in Kentucky, but must be arranged before the internship takes place and credit is given.

Are there work opportunities at the farm while in university?
Yes, students who qualify for work-study can be employed at the farm throughout the school year. There are work opportunities also available during the weeks of our summer horse camp program.

Is the riding English or Western style?
We have beginning and intermediate classes that use both disciplines. Students may ride according to their individual interest.

Can I compete in horse shows at Asbury University?
Yes, we are planning for competition with the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA). You may also compete independently on your own. Students can earn 1-3 credit hours for this opportunity through EQM 393-Seminar.

Are there ministry opportunities using horses?
Yes, we have several programs that use horses in ministry, including a new equine ministry team called Heaven's Helpers - Asbury's EMI group, which is the University chapter of an international organization, Equestrian Ministries International (EMI).