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Mr. Keith Barker, Chair

The department offers a wide variety of courses to enrich the student’s understanding and appreciation of art & design and to develop his or her creative and intellectual abilities. Majors in Art and Art Education are offered for students who demonstrate interest, aptitude and proficiency in art. A major in Pre-Art Therapy prepares students seeking certification in Art Therapy through an accredited graduate program elsewhere. Minors are offered in Art, Art History, Graphic Design, and Photography & Digital Imaging.

Asbury University offers areas of specialization for majors in painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, photography and digital imaging, drawing, and art history.

Major and Minor requirements

Students who are considering Art or Art Education as a major should begin the freshman year with ART 111, 112, 123 and take the following courses in sequence: ART 231, 233, 292, 300. Art History should be taken during the sophomore or junior year. Art minor students should also follow the number sequence.

Students must submit a portfolio for review by the art faculty during the Spring Semester of the sophomore year (or after having taken at least four of the six basic courses) for evaluation of progress, and guidance. Spring review is repeated in the junior year. All studio students must exhibit work during the senior year through ART 476/477 Senior Exhibit.

2016-17 Bulletin 9/19/2016