Undergraduate Online Admissions FAQs – Asbury University
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▾ How do I find out what materials I still need to turn in?

▾ What is the FAFSA school code?


▾ What if I forgot to submit both character references?

You can email your second character reference to charles.walters@asbury.edu.

▾ Is there a deadline to submit my intent to enroll form?

Yes, the deadline is one week prior to classes starting. You can check when classes start.

▾ What makes a transcript official?

A transcript that is stamped, signed, and sealed, that is either mailed directly from the institution or ordered through an online transcript ordering service, such as Parchment or getmytranscript.com.

▾ Can I bring previously earned credits to Asbury?

Yes! To know exactly which credits will transfer, send your transcripts to your admissions counselor.


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