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Travel Courses

Various departments across campus sponsor short-term Travel Courses during semester breaks.  These are a fantastic way to travel the world, learn about a particular topic, immerse yourself in another culture, and earn academic credit. Travel Courses that take you out of the country as well as some of the stateside options may be counted towards your Cross-Cultural Engagement (CCE 073/CCE 150EX) requirement. Clearance and registration through the Registrar’s Office is also required. 

Travel Courses are offered at the faculty’s discretion and vary each year. Detailed information on courses currently available are available from the sponsoring department as well as listed under “CCE Travel Courses.”

Previous/current Travel Courses include:

  • COM 397 Communication Field Experience – Haiti
  • EDE 393 A Perspective on International Education – China
  • JRN 393 Olympic Journalism – England Olympics
  • JRN 393 Seminar: Journalism in Europe
  • JRN 475 Senior Seminar – Russia Olympics
  • PSY 393 Human Dignity Tour – Germany/Poland
  • THA 393 Seminar: Acting at the Globe – England
  • MC 360 Underwater Cinematography – Mexico
  • MC 435 Olympic Internship – Brazil, England, Russia, Canada
  • MC 397 Seminar: Media Industry Travel – Brazil Olympics
  • MUS Field Trip: Chorale in Italy
  • NT 393 St. Paul & the Early Church – Turkey


(CCE approval is based on the specific content of the course.  Not all stateside courses are eligible for approval.)

  • DSG 680 Media Workshop: Los Angeles
  • COM 397 Communication Experience: San Francisco
  • SW 293 Urban Studies: Chicago
  • MC 397 Seminar in Media Industry Travel: New York City