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Various departments across campus sponsor short-term travel courses and they are a fantastic way to travel the world, learn about a particular topic, immerse yourself in another culture and earn academic credit. Travel Courses that take you out of the country as well as some of the state-side options can be counted towards your Cross-Cultural Engagement (CCE 073) requirement. You would still have to sign-up for CCE Orientation and complete your CCE Assignments. Detailed information on each of the programs are available from the sponsoring department. Clearance and registration through the Registrar’s Office is also required.

Stay Tuned for the rest of the listings of 2019 Travel Courses!

For Faculty Members: Travel Course Forms

Interested in teaching an academic course in-country context? Taking students abroad for a 1-to-3-week travel course or a whole semester can be a very rich experience and a powerful educational tool. The first step toward leading a travel course is to complete the Request to Offer External Course. You can obtain this online or request a hard copy from the Office of Intercultural Affairs (OIA). The Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs oversights all academic travel programs but it is the role of OIA to work with faculty members to establish the travel courses. To begin the process, please schedule an appointment to meet with the director of the OIA to discuss Program Development. During this meeting you will discuss how to complete the Request to Offer External Course form, review budget plans, be provided with travel and logistical resources, discuss marketing plans as well as review the course curriculum. Along with program logistics, OIA will also conduct a safety and health risk assessment. If there are any glaring red flags (lack of plans, obvious safety and security issues regarding the destination, etc.) that might cause the application to be denied, OIA will bring it to the faculty member’s attention. Faculty members must already have a concrete plan before they seek for approval from the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.

Review of the application will normally take up to two weeks. Both the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and the VP for Business Affairs must review and approve the program. The Registrar’s Office will also review the course numbering, title, and confirm course fees. If it is a completely new course, it must be first approved by the Academic and Policy Campus Committee (APCC). If this is a repeat travel course and minor edits have been made (date changes, budget updates, etc.) please resubmit an updated Request form for approval.

Please see the following forms for more information: