Chapel Attendance – Asbury University
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It is your responsibility to make yourself familiar with the Chapel Attendance Policy in the Bulletin.

Seating Assignments

If you have a legitimate issue with your assigned seat, send an email to

Attendance Requirement Waiver

Use this form if you have family responsibilities that are irreconcilable to chapel (work, children, etc) and you want to request special consideration to be excused: Special Consideration Request.
Please Note: If you will be missing chapel due to a practicum, you do not need to fill out the Special Consideration Request.  Instead, the professor who is over your practicum will need to send the information as to which chapels you will be unable to attend.

Chapel Excuse

As stated in the attendance policy, Chapel excuses will not be approved for circumstances such as travel difficulties, bad weather, conflicting schedules, oversleeping, minor sickness, doctor or dentist appointments, job interviews, discretionary trips (such as weddings), and family responsibilities. These situations are to be covered by your allotted absences.

If you think your absence merits an excuse, or if you were marked absent in error, simply send an email to

Spiritual Life Credit Requirements

In the past, chapel was required for all students to attend three times per week. For the spring 2021 semester, we are asking students to acquire 25 spiritual life credits, which can be earned through any combination of chapel and spiritual life opportunities. We hope that this revised system gives students greater flexibility to select formation opportunities that are meaningful to them.

On your path to 25 credits, please note the following breakdown:

  • Chapel opportunities are worth 2 credits.
  • Spiritual life opportunities are worth 1 credit.
  • Gather (hall Bible study and prayer) sessions are worth ½ credit.

What happens if I don’t get all of my credits?

For students who were unable to earn their full compliment of required Spiritual Life Credits during the Spring-2021 semester, please refer to these Special Instructions for Spiritual Life Remediation over Summer 2021 for very important information on the academic repercussions you may expect, as well as possible remedies you might pursue.