Chapel Attendance – Asbury University
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It is your responsibility to make yourself familiar with the Chapel Attendance Policy in theĀ Bulletin.

Seating Assignments

If you have a legitimate issue with your assigned seat, send an email to

University Chapel: Faith, Learning & Experience Program Attendance Policy

All full-time (12 credit hours/semester) TUG students are required to complete 36 Faith, Learning & Experience (FLEX) credits each semester. Of the 36 credits, 30 are required to be earned in Hughes Chapel at 10 a.m. M/W/F. The remaining 6 may be earned through other FLEX opportunities if desired. Some students may receive an adjusted FLEX requirement for special circumstances, see below.

Part-time Students

Students who are part-time (less than 12 credit hours but more than 6 credit hours per semester) are required to complete 18 FLEX credits (at least 14 in Hughes Chapel 10 a.m. M/W/F, 18 total).

Students who are part-time (6 or less hours) are encouraged to attend any FLEX events but are not required to complete FLEX credits. These students will be not be assigned a chapel seat, but are welcome to sit in the guest section.

Remote Learning Instructions

Students who are assigned to remote learning due to quarantine or isolation will complete FLEX credits by viewing Hughes services on their iattended app. If you are assigned to remote learning by Health Services or the Registrar’s Office, communicate this to

Student Conduct in University Chapel

Respectful, engaged University Chapel participation is expected. Inappropriate behavior (excessive phone use, laptop usage, studying, dress code violations, talking, food, disrespect) will result in a deduction of up to 1 FLEX credit.

Unfinished FLEX Credits

Students who do not complete the required 36 FLEX credits will be addressed by the following guidelines. Note: Students who have an adjusted FLEX credit requirement due to Special Considerations or part-time status will receive an adjusted policy for unfinished FLEX credits. Questions may be directed to

Less than 36, but more than 30 finished credits:

Students who complete less than 36, but more than 30 credits, have an opportunity to complete unfinished credits through community service prior to the beginning of the next semester. Students will be placed on Chapel probation at the end of the unfinished semester. However, if the required community service hours are received by the Office of University Chapel by midnight prior to the first day of classes of the following semester, the student will be released from probation.

Less than 30, but more than 20 finished credits:

Students who complete less than 30 credits, but more than 20, are on Chapel Probation for the following semester. Students may only be on Chapel Probation for one semester. More than one semester will move the student to Chapel Suspension.

20 or less finished credits:

Students who complete less than 20 FLEX credits or below are almost certainly placed on chapel suspension for the following semester.

Unfinished Hughes M/W/F 10 a.m. credits:

Students who have completed 36 credits but not the required 30 Hughes M/W/F 10 a.m. credits will be required to complete the Hughes credits in a manner assigned on an individual basis. Questions may be directed to

Special Considerations

If a student has unavoidable commitments that overlap regularly (more than 5 times) with Hughes Chapel M/W/F 10 a.m., the student may apply for a Special Consideration Request for FLEX credit adjustment.

Examples of unavoidable commitments are:

  • Work that is scheduled over M/W/F 10 a.m. regularly (more than 5 times)
  • University-approved travel such as a field trip
  • University-sponsored events you are required to attend
  • Family responsibilities such as caring for one’s own children
  • Hospitalization
  • Multiple medical appointments
  • Or a combination of these

Please note: If a student has a practicum or is an athlete, the student does not need to complete this Special Consideration Request. Instead, the professor or coach will communicate program commitments to the Dean of University Chapel at In the rare situation that the student is an athlete with additional unavoidable commitments, the student may complete the Special Consideration request if desired.