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Strategic Planning at Asbury University

At Asbury University, the strategic planning process occurs in five-year increments, with the development of this new strategic planning subsequent to the 2007-2012 plan. Beginning Fall 2009, the Strategic Planning Committee was charged with the process of an institution-wide internal audit creating a benchmark for the status change from college to university and setting the stage for the development of the next Strategic Plan 2012-2017. Multiple perspectives and stakeholders impacted the development of this plan culminating in its presentation to the Board of Trustees, March 2012.

As a result of the Envisioning Task Force’s work led by Dr. David L. Stevens, Board Vice Chair, the following Strategic Initiatives were the outcomes selected for the Strategic Plan 2012-2017. These five initiatives guided the work for the development of the strategic plan’s goals.

Strategic Initiatives 2012-2017

I. Academic Excellence

Asbury University’s primary role is to engage students in dynamic higher education experiences in an array of academic and professional fields, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, within the context of the liberal arts. The University maintains a community of full time and affiliate faculty who are recognized as effective scholar-teachers, professionally competent and spiritually grounded, who can guide and direct the learning endeavors of students so they can engage the culture for Christ.

II. Spiritual Vitality

Asbury University pursues its educational mission within the Wesleyan holiness tradition through the Cornerstone Project (Quality Enhancement Plan). As such, the institution promotes a Biblical understanding of spiritual formation resulting in service to the world, and the communication of holiness in new and creative language and modes for the 21st century context.

III. Transformational Leadership

Asbury University seeks to equip and inspire individuals as servant leaders who transform groups and organizations to influence the culture for Christ.

IV. Missional Influence

Asbury University will expand its influence by providing culturally rich learning opportunities to impact the waiting world. As the university’s outreach expands, all activities, programs and initiatives are strategically aligned to our purpose and calling, and intentionally designed and implemented to increase the impact of our voice and values within the larger culture.

V. Organizational Capacity

Asbury University will develop and maintain the fiscal resources and institutional infrastructure — human and technological resources, support services, physical facilities, and operating systems — necessary to effectively and efficiently accomplish its mission.

The Strategic Plan 2012-2017 consists of four tiers, beginning with these five initiatives that were further developed into supporting goals. Each goal has strategies and measurements to detail the actions that will occur to meet the plan’s expectations. The strategic plan will be monitored through dashboards presented to the Board of Trustees on a regular schedule.

Strategic Plan 2012-2017

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