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WEAVE Online

WEAVE is an on-line document repository containing all of the annual reports for Asbury University.  The repository is organized alphabetically and includes reports for all academic areas as well as areas in student life and administration.  Reports begin in the 2006-2007 academic year, and include all years up to the 2010-2011 academic year.

For each annual report the format includes Goals, Objectives, and Measures for each reporting area.  Goals cover broad areas such as Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes/Beliefs/Values for academic areas.  Objectives are more specific and are given under each goal, and Measures include both internal and external ways of measuring whether Objectives are being met.  Actual results are included under each Measurement.  In general it is important to include both internal and external measures. In addition to Goals, Objectives, and Measures there is an Achievement Summary and Analysis area.  The first section summarizes which Objectives have been met, and the next section includes a series of Analysis Questions regarding the particular program.  Finally there is a Document Repository that includes all the supporting documentation for each Objective and Measurement. By way of example the Goals, Objectives, and Measures are given below for the Chemistry major.  These are summarized in a Correlation Diagram

Annual reports are reviewed by the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) in the fall and scored on a Rubric.  The Rubric for Chemistry is attached.


Asbury University partners with Qualtrics, a web-based research software company, to capture important feedback from students, faculty and staff. This particular vendor was chosen because it affords us high functionally in developing effective campus surveys, holds high standards of ensuring respondent confidentiality, and  ease of use for survey respondents. Qualtrics, a privately owned company founded in 1997, is utilized in a broad scope of settings including academic, nonprofit, and corporate environments.  We are pleased to have this valuable resource in fulfilling the mission of the Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning Committee.