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Employee Benefits Summary

Benefit eligible employees are eligible to enroll in the various plans the University provides. The following information on the plans is not all inclusive. It is the employee’s responsibility to enroll and become familiar with the benefits, limitations and options. Detailed information is available from the Human Resources Office.

Health Insurance

The University currently has two options with a PPO plan administered by ARC. The University makes a contribution to both the single and family plan, and the employee is required to pay a portion of the premium.

Dental Plan

Employees may participate in the Delta Dental plan on a voluntary basis. The plan also offers discounts for vision care.

Retirement Plan

A defined contribution plan is provided to all benefit-eligible employees. Eligibility is based on age and years of service.  The University contributes an amount of the base salary as a match according to the options listed below:

  • 4% employee deferral /4% AU Match
  • 3% employee deferral /3% AU Match
  • 2% employee deferral /2% AU Match
  • 1% employee deferral /1% AU Match

Supplemental Retirement Annuity Plan

Regular employees can elect to participate in the voluntary Supplemental Retirement Annuity Plan (SRA). In general, employees place part of their pre-tax gross earnings into their SRA account by payroll reduction.

Term Life and Accidental Death Insurance

The University pays the entire premium for term life equal to the employee’s salary and accidental death policy equal to 1 1/2 x annual salary. Benefits are stated in thousands of dollars and are based upon the employee’s base salary or annualized base wages. Benefits are provided for benefit eligible employees.

Section 125 Plan – Flexible Spending

Employees are automatically enrolled in the flexible premium conversion account, which permits an employee’s deduction for health or dental premiums to be paid with pre-tax dollars. The plan also offers two flexible spending accounts: (1) health care reimbursement account and (2) dependent care reimbursement account. Employees may participate in these accounts on a voluntary basis.

Vacation Leave

Benefit eligible employees earn vacation leave according to the schedule listed below.

Hourly employee’s vacation time is accrued at the rate of 2 hours for each 40 hours worked. Employees with five years or more of service to the University accrue vacation time at the rate of 3 hours per each 40 hours worked.

Exempt vacation time is as follows: Executive, Administrators, and Professional Staff are given 22 vacation days each calendar year. Year to year carryover is limited according to classification. New employees will receive a prorated number of days based on their start date.

Sick Leave

Sick leave is available for Administrators and Professional Staff. Accrued sick time is considered a bridge for waiting periods for long-term disability.

All full-time (hourly) employees begin accumulating sick leave the first day of employment. Sick leave accrues at the rate of 2 hours for each 40 hours worked. Support Staff employees with five years or more of service to the University accrue 3 hours sick time per every 40 hours worked.

Long-term Disability Insurance

Long-term disability insurance is provided by the University at no cost to the individual. This insurance provides 60% of the monthly salary for a 24-month period in the employee’s own occupation and up to age 65 if the disability prevents retraining for any other occupation, effective at the end of the qualifying period (hourly) – 90 days, all others – 180 days.

Tuition Scholarships

All full-time employees have access to tuition scholarship credit for themselves and their dependents in the traditional undergraduate program.  The amount of credit will be determined by years of service and employment status.