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Job Interview Tips

Congratulations! You have an interview! Now what?

Follow these guidelines and you will be on your way to a successful and less-stressful interview process… and possibly a JOB!


  • Research the company: internet articles, awards received, organizations’ mission and strategic plan.
  • Prepare for questions by reviewing the job description’s “desired qualities”.
  • Be Prepared! Print off directions to the interview, maybe drive there a few days before. If flying, make sure you arrive in plenty of time in case of delays and know where to go once you arrive.
  • Arrive at the interview 5-10 minutes early.
  • Develop a list of questions you can ask at the interview.
  • Prepare examples to share during interview using STAR method, utilize job posting as a guide.


  • S.T.A.R. Method
    • S, T= Situation or Task: Provide a brief description of an example of how you applied a skill.
    • A= Action: Describe the strategy you used to solve the problem and then discuss the actions you took to carry it out.
    • R= Results: Explain the results of your actions. Talk about the long-term effects of your leadership. (Programs that are still being implemented, research discoveries, new organizational systems, etc.)
  • Questions may focus on one or more area: Teamwork, Communications, Leadership, or Fit.
  • Be prepared with examples!!
  • Be prepared for questions related to the job in your new role.
  • Maintain a constant, positive energy (even if you “think” you know you don’t want the job).
  • Treat everyone with respect and treat the interview like it’s a final interview.
  • If they do not state this, ask when they hope to have a decision made.


  • Always send thank you notes within 24 hours to each person in the interview. Handwritten notes will provide a more personable touch. An email allows for immediate follow-up. Remember to use professional etiquette in all correspondence and communication. Thank you notes should include expression of appreciation for the interviewers’ time and convey something you learned in the interview process.
  • Allow the company the allotted time they stated to you about when they will have a hiring decision. If you haven’t heard from them by that date, contact them and make your inquiry in a professional manner.