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Tips for Making the Most of a Job Fair

  • Spotlight Career FairReview the list of companies attending the job fair. Visit the websites of interesting companies. Research what they do, what they are known for, their mission, etc.
  • Prepare a list of specific questions you might have for each company. These questions will help you get the information you need as well as demonstrate your level of interest and knowledge.
  • Wear interview attire. Women: business suit (skirt or pants), slacks and jacket, or a professional dress. Men: business suit, or slacks and sport coat, and tie.
  • Take several copies of a strong “general” resume with you. Give this resume to employers you may not have researched.
  • Take several “targeted” resumes and cover letters. Give this resume to employers you have researched and want to impress.
  • Have a brief personal introduction ready highlighting your academic and career interests. Use a firm handshake.
  • Be prepared to concisely relate your education, experience, and skills to the type of position they are filling.
  • Gain confidence in yourself by starting with a few employers who interest you but who are not among your top choices.
  • Approach your top choices when you are at the top of your game: focused and articulate with high energy. Be confident, enthusiastic, and polite.
  • Ask employers for their business card. Jot down key notes from each conversation on the back of those cards.
  • Send follow-up thank-you letters to the employers you most want to impress. Be sure to include key points from your notes.