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Helpful Career Resources

At Career & Calling we are here to help all along your journey of Life Calling. Life Calling is much more than a job or vocation as Henri Nouwen describes below.  At the OCC  you will find resources to help in: choosing a major, career assessments, internships, graduate school, diverse populations, job search, job fairs and resume writing. Of course, we are always available to talk and discuss your personal path.

“Career and vocation are not mutually exclusive. In fact, our vocation might require us to pursue a certain career. Many people have become excellent doctors, lawyers, technicians, or scientists in response to God’s call heard in the community. Quite often, our vocation becomes visible in a specific job, task, or endeavor. But our vocation can never be reduced to these activities. As soon as we think that our careers ARE our vocation, we are in danger of returning to the ordinary and proper places governed by human competition and of using our talents more to separate ourselves from others than to unite ourselves with them in a common life.
“A career disconnected from a vocation divides; a career that expresses obedience to our vocation is the concrete way of making our unique talents available to the community. Therefore, it is not our careers, but our vocation, that should guide our lives.” 
— Henri Nouwen