Commencement FAQs – Asbury University
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Any additional questions about the October commencement may be directed to

Virtual ceremony in October

▾ When will we receive the information on how to access the virtual commencement?

We will post the link to the virtual commencement on this set of commencement webpages. The video will go live at 10am on October 17.

▾ How will we access the video content?

We will open up the link on Saturday, October 17, 2020 at 10:00 A.M. EST. We will keep the video on the commencement media webpage and AU's YouTube site will host it in perpetuity.

▾ Why is it not a “zoom” style where we can see each other?

Recording and editing prior to showing allows us to give the fullest attention to detail and care for the production.

▾ Will we receive a cap and gown?

Traditional Undergraduate and Adult Professional Studies graduates:

  • For those who indicated “attending” for the May 2020 commencement ceremony on your graduation application filed with the Registrar’s Office, regalia has been ordered for you, and we are preparing to mail your caps, gowns, tassels, and honor cords in time for the virtual commencement ceremony on October 17th!
    • If your address has changed since March, please email your updated address to by 5 pm on Friday, 9/11, and keep an eye on email.
  • For those who did not indicate “attending” for the May 2020 commencement on your graduation application: The graduation application is where we typically gather information from graduates ensuring that we order the correct size regalia. Since we do not have this information for you, we will need you to go through the ordering process at this link, here: This does mean that you will have to pay for your regalia and shipping up front. But, please forward your confirmation email to with an up-to-date address after placing your order no later than October 16 and we will mail you a check to cover the cost of your cap, gown, and shipping.

Masters’ graduates:

  • We have worked with our regalia vendor to prepare a website where you can place your order (cap, gown, tassel & hood) at our contracted price and have your regalia shipped directly to you.
  • You will have until October 16th to place an order.
  • The website address for orders is
  • As noted in our University Bulletin, masters’ graduates pay a regalia fee at the time of pick-up on Commencement weekend. We are hopeful direct ordering at our contracted price will permit those who want to have master's regalia to place an order.

▾ Will my name be read?

We are planning for each graduate's name to be read by the dean of their school during recording.


▾ What is the difference between Graduation and Commencement?

Graduation is when your requirements are completed and your degree is earned (“degree conferral date”; dates are May, August, December). Commencement is the ceremony where we celebrate your accomplishment!

Graduation = diploma/degree, Commencement = ceremony/regalia

▾ How do I apply for graduation?

Completion of the Graduation Application is required to graduate with a degree.  All students who are in the final year of completing a degree must complete the graduation application prior to graduating.  Access to the application will be emailed from the registrar’s office.  Contact for a graduation application review if you believe you will graduate earlier than your listed graduation date. 


▾ I’m not sure where I’ll be living when I finish my degree requirements – can I have my diploma sent to a different address?

Yes. Please provide an updated address to, keeping in mind that diplomas will be prepared for mailing in 4-6 weeks after fulfilling degree requirements.

▾ Can I get a frame for my diploma?

Official Asbury University diploma frames are available for purchase from the Asbury University Virtual Bookstore 

Regalia (cap and gown)

▾ (Graduate/Masters) – How can I order/pay for my regalia?

We have established a site with our regalia vendor which will allow you to place an order online and pay by credit card.

▾ (Graduate/Masters) – May I order only my hood?

Yes, you can place an online order through our regalia vendor. We will provide details about access in the coming weeks.