Center for Cultural Engagement

Asbury University’s Center for Cultural Engagement integrates resources, both on and off campus, in an efficient and effective manner, while building key relationships that help insure the sustainability and repeatability of solutions that are implemented. 

Our Mission

Asbury University's Center for Cultural Engagement (CCE) is a catalyst for cultural influence. Through consulting, team building, networking, funding and promotion, CCE assists faculty-led initiatives that seek to shape and empower families, churches and communities for the purpose of advancing the cause of Christ around the world.

In keeping with Scripture and Wesleyan tradition, CCE focuses on engaging local, national and global culture by adding gravitas to the development of relevant ideas about challenging issues, increasing the likelihood of positive outcomes that are timely and future-minded.

The academic excellence of Asbury University provides a solid foundation for the establishment of a forum that leads to the creation of projects, the generation of publications, and the hosting of conferences that require critical participation from a broad range of disciplines.