History Department

History at Asbury UniversityWe value history because it is a beautiful way to understand human nature--a virtue that it shares with literature and art. We value history because it is a story, and a story is the easiest and most reliable way to understand any development.

By studying history, we can begin to see what came before, what was going on at the same time, and what finally happened, or is likely to happen in the future, regarding any event or idea in which we are interested. History teaches

the student how to evaluate evidence, to understand the logic of cause-and-effect and the complex way in which events and ideas develop through time. History is interesting in itself because it is about people, it is reliable because it is based uppon careful evaluation of the best available evidence, and it is useful because it conveys knowledge about culture and society which forms an indispensable part of any proper education.

In addition to the traditional objectives of Asbury History majors over many years--education, law and the ministry-- History prepares the student for a surprisingly wide variety of occupations. Our history graduates over the years include a State Governor, Speaker of a state legislature, Federal and State Judges, diplomats, business executives, military officers and medical doctors--as well of course as a number of educators, lawyers and pastors.

-- Professor Burnam Reynolds, Department Chair