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“The Student Center is a building with a rich legacy and continues to be a singular place on campus where students come together to cross-pollinate ideas, recreate and share in each other’s lives.  I’ve spent many, many hours in the Student Center my senior year, and I am excited to see the building continue to be expanded and improved upon in the future!”

  – Josh Howard ’10, Unashamed Class and Student Body President 2010
Analyst, Google, Mountainview, CA

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Renovation of the Student Center – the Heart of Community

In the center of the Asbury University campus sits a building on the National Register of Historic Places. From 1927 to 2001 the Morrison-Kenyon Library was the center of academic study for Asbury students. In 2007, the building was reopened as the Student Center, known to students as the “STUCE”. The “STUCE” is home to student government offices, the Hiccup Café and has plenty of space for students to relax and enjoy their free time both inside on comfortable couches or outside on the deck.

When alumni visit the Student Center they love the “living room” of campus, and especially the café with coffee drinks and light refreshments, but the #1 question they ask is “what’s downstairs?” The answer to the question is “nothing”. When the building was reopened the lower level was left unfinished, and so the basement has been silent.

The 2018 Reunion Class Gift Project is the fourth year of a multi-year reunion project to raise $1 Million toward the renovation of this historic building – all 3 floors. What a privilege it will be for us to say that our alumni chose to invest in campus in this way – providing a place for Community. While the overall renovation project is $5 million, the goal for the Reunion gift project is $1 million of that. After three years, the total given from reunion gifts is just over $700,000 so the goal is in sight.

Highlights – 

  • The large windows allow for plenty of natural lighting.
  • The large open rooms are ideal for students to enjoy small clusters of seating groups while also providing quality space for larger special events.
  • The impact of this space is transformational as one considers the lifelong friendships that will be nurtured between classes or when a professor and student follow up on a profound class discussion over a cup of coffee.
  • It is the students’ living room, where they go after classes to relax in a fun, cozy and comfortable setting. Where they go to play games and just enjoy the company of other students.
  • Opening the lower level will almost double the square footage.
  • It will provide “one-stop shopping” in the middle of campus for students to take care of their daily business like a visit to CPO or to grab that much needed cup of caffeine.
  • Multiple entrances to the building allow for the natural traffic patterns of campus life to maximize this space as the “Campus Hub.”
  • Moulton Commons – terraced outdoor seating area will honor Dr. Alan ’61 and Yvonne Cochran ’58 Moulton, longtime Asbury professors.

It is an Asbury tradition for “five-year reunion classes” to make a special contribution to a specific project. The current emphasis is toward completion of funding for the Student Center Upgrades. Reunion Gift Chair Dr. David Hager ’68 says “Having a special place on campus for students to gather in a community of fellowship and interaction is key to the spiritual, educational, and relational vitality and development of every student who enters Asbury’s door. Giving from our provision with a special gift, so that students, faculty and staff may benefit is a unique and blessed opportunity that we as alumni have.”

The 2018 Reunion Class Gift goal is $250,000. Multi-year pledges are an option with gifts due by December 31, 2019. Anyone interested in this project is welcome to contribute, and all alumni of Asbury University are invited to attend Reunion 2018 on June 21-24, 2018. Registration materials for Reunion will be in the spring issue of the Ambassador Magazine.

2018 REUNION GIFT CHAIR Dr. David Hager ’68
Awakened Class James & Sarah Hammerlee Banter ’13
Empowered Class Will Adams ’08
Anointed Class Caresse Freed ’03 Wesley
Commissioned Class Marshall Wise ’98
Servant Class Keith Zane ’93
Olympian Class Steven Ross ’88
Ambassador Class Greg Isaacs ’83
Colonel Class Joel Reeves Locke ’78
Cavalier Class John Needham ’73
Sentinel Class C. E. Crouse ’68
Mariner Class Ken & Amanda Hutcherson ’63
Cahok Class Robert Ogilvie ’58
Beaver Class Vince Sutlive ’53
Cardinal Class Russell Edwards ’48
Martha Evans ’48 Sparks
Golden Grad (honorary)

Students today are being trained to engage and impact their world for Christ. Thank you in advance for your support of this worthwhile project.

For additional information or to receive a pledge form: call Carolyn Ridley ’81, (859) 858-3511, x2707, or email To make a secure donation online, click here.

For Reunion questions, please call the Alumni Office at (859) 858-3511 x2534, or e-mail