2021 Reunion Gift Project – Asbury University
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“The addition of this outdoor dining area will be enjoyed by students for many years to come. We know from personal experiences that travel greatly expands not only our horizons, but also allows us to better understand the many cultures of God’s world. Thank you for your generous support of the 2021 Reunion Gift Project. Together we can do great things!”

— C.J. ’81, Nancy ’81, Katie ’06, and Charlie ’11 Hunter
Family Co-Chairs for the 2021 Reunion Gift Committee

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Enhancing the Student Experience

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Each year, classes celebrating a banner reunion (five-year increments) join together to fund a project of significant importance to our alma mater. The 2021 Reunion Gift Project funds will focus on enhancing the student experience.

The primary focus of the 2021 Reunion Gift will be the creation of an outdoor dining area adjacent to the west wing of the Johnson Cafeteria (left of the front door). This will be an exciting addition to the campus dining experience. Included will be a grille and food prep in addition to table seating.  A new door with ramp will allow easy access from the cafeteria.  The exterior wall will provide additional seating for larger gatherings.

Looking back at the Johnson Cafeteria from the site of the new Collaborative Learning Center. Outdoor seating area will be to the left of the sidewalk and include some space in front of the exit door.

Additional funding will go to the Global Impact Fund. This assists needy students with expenses related to fulfilling their cross-cultural experience, which has been a graduation requirement since 2010.

The goal for the 2021 Reunion Gift Project is $250,000.  It is an Asbury tradition for reunion-year alumni to make a special “over and above” contribution to the Class Gift Project.  Multi-year pledges are an option with gifts due by December 31, 2022.

For additional information or to receive a pledge form, contact Carolyn Ridley ’81, (859) 858-3511 x 2707, or email advancement@asbury.edu . To make a secure gift online visit secure.asbury.edu/reuniongift.

REUNION GIFT PROJECT CO-CHAIRS C.J. ’81, Nancy ’81, Katie ’06, and Charlie ’11 Hunter
Ransomed Class of 2016 Craig & Alyssa Bacon Moberly ’16
Fearless Class of 2011 Charlie Hunter ’11
Steadfast Class of 2006 Maren Banus ’06
Redeemed Class of 2001 Matt & Amy Neild Kinnell ’01
Proclaimer Class of 1996 James Fogal ’96
Dawn Treader Class of 1991 Kevin Becht ’91
Contender Class of 1986 Ted Batson ’86
Centurion Class of 1981 Rick Smith ’81
Pioneer Class of 1976 Joanne Davis ’76
Aztec Class of 1971 Don & Brenda Key Adams ’71
Vanguard Class of 1966 Dave Winkle ’66
Pioneer Class of 1961 Joe Pitts ’61
Eagle Class of 1956 Fran Banks Newman ’56
Trojan Class of 1951 & Golden Grads Kathleen High ’51

A small percentage of each year’s Reunion Gift Project funds Asbury’s online alumni community and other digital engagement efforts.

For additional information or to receive a pledge form: contact Carolyn Ridley ’81, (859) 858‑3511, x2707, or email advancement@asbury.edu.  To make a secure gift online visit secure.asbury.edu/reuniongift.

For Reunion questions, please call the Alumni Office at (859) 858‑3511, x2534, or email reunion@asbury.edu. Registration materials for Reunion will be in the spring issue of the Ambassador magazine.