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+Grad Programs

What if you could gain an advantage in today’s competitive job market? With Asbury’s +Grad program, you can start your master’s degree before you graduate, and have as little as one year left of your master’s degree once you graduate with your bachelor’s degree! As an undergraduate student, you can complete up to 9 credit hours of your graduate degree through the +Grad program.

With the +Grad program, you can seamlessly customize your pathway with a graduate degree in Business, Communication, and Education, taking your career and goals to the next level. With fully online programs, +Grad students can get started on these offerings:

Apply now for the Business +Grad Program

Apply now for the Communication Arts +Grad Program

Apply now for the Education +Grad Program


“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative and personalized curriculum of my +Grad communication degree. Not only do I feel equipped for my future career with finishing graduate school soon after my undergraduate career, but I also feel refreshed and excited to blend both the worlds of creative writing and communication wherever my expertise leads me.”

Madison Anderson ’23

Frequently Asked Questions

▾ What is the +Grad program?

The +Grad program allows current undergraduate students to start taking graduate courses and working towards a master’s degree during their senior year or once they complete 90 undergraduate credit hours.

▾ When can I apply for the +Grad program? Can I wait until my senior year?

Current undergraduate students may submit a +Grad registration form when they have completed or are about to complete 90 credit hours. Student typically apply at the end of their junior year or beginning of their senior year.

▾ What are the requirements for the +Grad program?

Students must have completed 90 credit hours and have a current cumulative 3.0 GPA.

▾ How many graduate courses may I take as a +Grad student?

Students may take up to 9 graduate credit hours as a +Grad student.

▾ Can I take my graduate course online?

Yes, all classes are offered online in 8-week sections. Students may take one class per 8-week session.

▾ Can I get a +Grad degree in any graduate program at Asbury?

+Grad options include M.A., M.F.A, or M.A.T. programs.

▾ What are the advantages of being a +Grad student?

Students start a master’s degree while finishing their undergraduate degree which saves time and money. Also, students are not required to submit a full graduate application upon graduation. Students complete a simple conversion form which allows the Graduate Admissions office to move them seamlessly to their graduate program.

▾ How do I move to a graduate program once I complete my undergraduate degree?

Students complete a conversion form and choose the term they would like to start as a full graduate student.

▾ Does starting a degree as a +Grad student at Asbury take less time than getting a traditional graduate degree elsewhere?

Yes, because it gives students a head start on completing a graduate degree since they can start taking graduate courses while they are still taking undergraduate classes.

▾ How much does the +Grad program cost?

There is no additional cost if the graduate course is within the 12-18 credit hour undergraduate tuition block. To maintain financial aid scholarships, students must take at least 12 undergraduate credit hours or take a graduate course that is cross listed with an undergraduate program.

▾ Do you recommend that I postpone my job search until my +Grad program is complete?

No, you do not need to postpone your job search. Once you graduate with your bachelor's degree, the online classes for your master's degree may be completed while working a full-time job.

▾ Can I continue living on-campus when I transition from the undergraduate to the graduate program?

On-campus housing for graduate students is considered cases by case and is based on housing availability.