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The Asbury Outpouring

What Happened at Asbury University?

On Feb. 8, 2023, what began as a routine Wednesday morning Chapel service with the student body turned into a multiweek Outpouring that some have described as a revival. Led by students, the services attracted college students from hundreds of other colleges and universities, beginning as soon as Wednesday evening.

Watch the Feb. 8, 2023 chapel service

Then, news of the continuous services spread around the world, and attracted people to Wilmore from as far away as Russia and Japan. Media outlets arrived en masse to cover the spiritual awakening among young people. Countless reports of life change, salvation, and re-dedications to Christ were some of the amazing results of the Outpouring events. Asbury staff, faculty, students and volunteers worked tirelessly to welcome the visitors to campus, with orderly lines to get into Hughes extending a half mile long around campus.

Since then, the community has worked to share what God did, and spread the Gospel and testimonies of life change. Also, Asbury’s pastoral care staff is working to disciple and mentor students impacted through the Outpouring through different initiatives on campus.

The events lasted for 16 days, culminating in a service specifically for Gen Z students on Feb. 23, 2023. Yet, the Lord continues to move across the Wilmore community, Kentucky, the United States, and the world.

Regularly scheduled Asbury Chapel services are still streamed live during the semester on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays at 10 a.m. Eastern.

Celebrating the Outpouring One Year Later

This Is Asbury Podcast: Outpouring Celebration

Outpouring Celebration Part 1: ‘You knew that you were sitting with Jesus’

Outpouring Celebration Part 2: ‘No Celebrity but Jesus!’

God Began a Great Work In Me

It’s still hard to verbalize everything that happened during the overwhelming Outpouring of the Holy Spirit on a place I have called home for the past four years.

By Alexandra Presta ’23, Executive Editor of the Asbury Collegian

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Feeding God's Sheep

After hearing of the Outpouring on Asbury’s campus through social media, small business owner Brad Tucker and his family traveled over two hours to station a food truck in Wilmore and provide hot, fresh meals for those attending the services at no charge.

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A Witness to Revival

The risen, living Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, came to offer His heart of holy love to the student body. Jesus came to rescue them and to bring them into His very Life. He poured out His Spirit upon and into those who would receive Him.

By Rev. Diane Nelson ’83 Ury

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An Inside Look

Asbury faculty, staff, and volunteers captured many behind-the-scenes images on their phones during the Outpouring.

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Alumni Worldwide Gathered to Pray

On February 18, more than 500 alumni joined a virtual prayer time.

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Student-Athlete Testimonies

Asbury student-athletes continued their responsibilities of classes and athletics events as they experienced the way God was revealing Himself in a powerful way on their home campus.

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In The News

Several news outlets around the world reported on the Asbury Outpouring. Here are some of their reports.

Many Stories Shared

"A year ago, God generously poured out His power, presence, kindness, and gentleness, which captivated a generation and a lot of Christian leaders who needed hope. In Galatians 6:9, it says 'Don't grow weary for doing good, for in due time you will reap what you sow.' I think the Outpouring was an encouragement for those who were weary, getting to experience the reaping for those 16 days and even now."

Zach Meerkreebs

"The Outpouring was a spontaneous work of God filled with many examples of His grace. There were times when human, financial, and material resources appeared unexpectedly that allowed us to meet the needs of our Asbury community and guests. Some of my friends who were skeptical of 'religion' encountered the living Christ during the Outpouring. As a result of the Outpouring, I approach each day with renewed anticipation of God's work in my life and new eyes to recognize His activities throughout the world."

Dr. Sherry Powers
Provost and Chief Academic Officer

"I remember a young lady calling and saying that she felt Christ would not meet her where she was unless she could make it to the Outpouring. I got to share with her that God is one-on-one and meets us wherever we are. We prayed together, and she accepted Jesus over the phone. She was relieved, thankful that she could know Jesus, and hopeful for the future."

Pam Anderson
Administrative Assistant

"I was in my bedroom when my friend sent me a video of the Outpouring. It pulled me back into the arms of the Lord. After years of experiencing church hurt, I’m worshiping again. I learned a new song that greeted me when I arrived on campus: 'Day and night, night and day, let incense arise. You're worthy of it all.' He really is."

Stephanie Marchbanks ’27

The Outpouring was something that I needed because it made me a witness that God still moves in His people today. It also showed me that our generation is like Timothy in the Bible: We are inexperienced when it comes to preaching the word of God, yet we hunger to know Him more and more every day. Lastly, it showed me that God places us in different paths of life because He wants us to grow. His word never returns empty-handed. It always makes an impact in the hearts of those who hear Him.

Eswin Monroy ’23

His Spirit changed the atmosphere and went beyond Hughes. The most precious moments I had involved meaningful conversations in the dining hall and meeting new people throughout the city who had a hunger for God. Jesus is truly amazing, and I am so grateful that I had the chance to encounter His presence in such a tangible way on this campus before I graduate.

Charity Johnson ’23

In the last couple of weeks, I cannot help but think of Jesus as so much more present and active in my life. My prayer life has been reignited and I depend on His Spirit even more day to day. Jesus has brought me deep-seated joy and peace by reminding me of how good He is.

Zeke Atha ’23

God completely changed my life through the Outpouring of His Spirit. He has placed new callings on my heart. Now, I know my job is to go and spread the fire that He released here.

Khalil Akiky ’22

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