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(Non-Asbury students are welcomed. Typical credit-transfer rules apply.)

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(It is Asbury University’s policy that any student participating in a Study Abroad & Off-Campus Program has a minimum of a 2.75 GPA. Non-AU students that participate in AU’s Study Abroad Programs must also have a minimum of a 2.75 GPA. Please keep in mind that a host agency may have a higher academic requirement.)

Anticipated Graduation Date
Academic Advisors

Please provide your second Advisor’s name and e-mail if you have declared 2 majors.

Brief Essay Questions

Please apply through our Admissions Office first as a “Visiting Student”. After you submit your “Visiting Student” application and you are accepted by our Admissions Office, the Global Engagement Office will be in touch to advise you through our Study Abroad & Office-Campus Programs application process.

Thank you!


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