NFL’s Peerman to Speak at Asbury Event

Cincinnati Bengals Captain NFL Player Cedric Peerman and wife Hagar Elgendy Peerman visit Asbury University for Cedric Peerman to speak at Hughes Chapel. Photographer - Parker Waters Photography
Cedric and Hagar Elgendy Peerman

When NFL player Cedric Peerman comes to speak to the entire on-campus student body of Asbury University in early April, he won’t be talking about his latest contract negotiations, his team’s playoff goals or his play on the field. He’ll be talking to students about something far more important. 

Peerman, a running back and captain of the Cincinnati Bengals the past two seasons, will be on the Asbury campus with his wife, Hagar Elgendy Peerman, on April 8-9 speaking about his main desires in life: loving God, loving his wife and loving others.

“God worked in my heart, giving me mentors, grace and mercy along the way, and I was saved,” said Peerman, who earned a degree in Sociology and graduated from the University of Virginia in 2008. “Everything I’ve gained in life is nothing compared to knowing Jesus Christ.”

The Peermans were invited to Asbury as guest speakers during the 2015 version of the school’s annual Faith & Culture Lecture Series. Focusing on important topics such as faith and relationships, faith and medicine, faith and sexuality and faith and competition, this year’s topic is one getting a great deal of attention within the NFL and around the country during the past year: Faith in a Culture of Domestic Violence.

While Cedric will be featured during Asbury’s Chapel — where the student body gathers three times each week to hear guest speakers ranging from missionaries, to business CEOs to Hollywood actors to the General of the Salvation Army — Hagar will join her husband and speak at a Coffee House Panel discussion in the afternoon, and then each will speak to Asbury’s athletes in the evening. Hagar – who received a full scholarship to study Neuroscience for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Tulane University - is a world-class swimmer who has competed at the national-team level for her native Egypt.

Other guest speakers during this year’s two-day lecture series include:

Cherie Jones: domestic violence survivor and advocate, who will speak at the Domestic Violence Seminar Luncheon

Barbara Norris: domestic violence specialist with the Office of the Friend of the Court (Fayette County Circuit Court), who will speak with students in multiple classes.

Kathy Witt: Fayette County Sheriff, who will speak at the Domestic Violence Seminar Luncheon

A full schedule for the Faith & Culture Lecture Series — “Faith in a Culture of Domestic Violence” — is available by clicking here.


Guests are welcome to attend Chapel — at 10 a.m. on April 8 in the Hughes Auditorium — and media should request seating and interview opportunity times by contacting Asbury’s Director of Marketing & Communications at

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