Campus Events Bring Past, Future Students Together

WILMORE, Ky. — Asbury University welcomed the past and the future to campus this weekend as a biannual meeting of the institution’s Alumni Board coincided with the first of two Winter Access events designed for high-school students who are thinking of enrolling.

Alumni Board President Marc Wilson '90 spoke to an assembly of current and future students in Chapel.
Alumni Board President Marc Wilson '90 spoke to an assembly of current and future students in Chapel.

More than 60 high-school students and their families arrived Thursday for an in-depth campus visit that involved the chance to stay in residence halls with current Asbury student hosts, sample different classes and participate in the University’s Chapel service on Friday morning. With members of the Alumni Board — more than 20 alumni of diverse professions and graduation years who help plan events and advise the University — in the front of the auditorium and several rows of prospective students in the back, Asbury’s past, present and future gathered to worship.

Speaking during Chapel was Alumni Board President Marc Wilson ’90. As a father of two daughters who are considering attending Asbury, he spoke not only of the spiritual practices that help his faith grow but also of his confidence in Asbury as a learning community.

“As Alumni Board President, I’ve been asked which was my favorite class or subject, and I have to say it wasn’t a class at all,” said Wilson. “It was a lifestyle. I’m very proud of my alma mater, and it was worth the time and investment.”

Director of Alumni Carolyn Ridley ’81 appreciated the opportunity for both current and prospective students to see the impact of an Asbury education on the alumni.

“Asbury’s alumni remember and speak of the friendships they develop during their college years, but they’re also able to look at the impact of their education from the perspective of years of experience in their industry or field,” Ridley said. “For visiting high-school students, that’s valuable. The process of deciding where to go to college goes quickly, but the choice can impact your life for years to come, and our alumni give them a long-term view.”

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