Fall Revival Calls Students to Satisfaction in Christ

WILMORE, Ky. — When Diane Nelson ’83 Ury came to Asbury University as a freshman, she didn’t understand why everyone made such a big deal out of Fall Revival.

Diane Nelson '83 Ury shared with Asbury students in Chapel during Fall Revival.
Diane Nelson '83 Ury shared with Asbury students in Chapel during Fall Revival.

“I came not knowing — green,” she told current students earlier this week. Laughing, she described how she didn’t even know why students came to kneel at the “rail thing” in Hughes Auditorium after service. But she soon learned that students came because they wanted the one thing that could satisfy them: God Himself.

Diane and her husband Bill, a 1978 Asbury graduate, returned to the campus this week as the speakers for Fall Revival 2013. The week’s theme was “The Beauty of Salvation,” and the Urys helped students and community members explore what it means to live in Christ.

Diane led Monday night’s service, focusing on what she called “The Gift of Hunger.” “We were created hungry,” she told students. “Our appetites are symbols that Jesus is our satisfaction and our source.” 

“The need to be satisfied is good and holy,” Diane said, “but true satisfaction can only be found in Christ.”

Sophomore Kerry Steinhofer said the Urys’ message has resonated with students.

“I just love the way they connect with the students,” Steinhofer said. “Especially since they have kids who are students, they’re able to relate in that way. I love how they’re such great spiritual leaders themselves, and just how God is moving in them constantly and they’ve been able to share that with us this week.”

Steinhofer says that God has been teaching her surrender through the week’s messages.

Dr. Bill Ury '78
Dr. Bill Ury '78

“I need to really just let God take total control of my life,” she said. “When I feel like things are going great, I can’t let God go. Even if things are going great, I still need God in my life, and I still need his guidance and his love.”

Services were attended by community members as well as students.

Mary Jones is an associate alumna who came to the service on Monday night. She experienced the Revival of 1950 as a student, and wants to see another move of God’s Spirit on Asbury’s campus.

“I hope the Holy Spirit will just break loose here and fill everybody with his glory,” she said.

She encourages students to “come expecting, and in surrender to see what He will do.”

Senior Emily Howle is a student who has come expecting. She is part of a prayer group that has been meeting regularly since last January to pray for revival on campus.

“I believe the Lord wants to bring revival to campus,” she said. “I attend because I want to see my prayers answered.”

Bill Ury says that follow-up is key to continuing the work begun in Fall Revival.

“I am so glad that I know there are already mechanisms in place throughout the University for deepening discipleship,” he said. “The Student Development Office, the Spiritual Life Committee, Greg Haseloff's team and others are preparing and planning for whatever is needed to further encourage those who sense the Lord calling them to alter their lives in such a way as to express love for Him in tangible ways.”

Bill says he hopes Revival won’t stop with the student body.

“I also pray that the ends of the earth will be touched by the responses to the Lord Jesus,” he said. “That's the heart of God whenever He chooses to revive His Church.”

--by Joel Sams '15

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