'Expectant Hearts' Prepare for Upcoming Fall Revival

WILMORE, Ky. — Dr. Bill and Diane Ury will explore the theme of “The Beauty of Salvation” at this year’s Fall Revival on the Asbury University campus Sept. 9-13. Services will take place at 10 a.m. in Monday, Wednesday and Friday and at 7 p.m. on Monday through Thursday, in Hughes Auditorium.

Bill and Diane Ury will speak at this year's Fall Revival on Sept. 9-13.
Bill and Diane Ury will speak at this year's Fall Revival on Sept. 9-13.

Bill, a member of the Asbury class of 1978, and Diane, a member of the class of 1983, currently serve at Elizabeth City (N.C.) Evangelical Methodist Church, where he is the lead pastor and she is the leader of young adult and women’s ministries. After graduating from Asbury, Bill pursued graduate studies both in Israel and at Asbury Theological Seminary before completing his Ph.D. at Drew Theological Seminary. Diane also began taking seminary classes after graduating from Asbury, but delayed completing that degree while her children were young. She graduated from Wesley Biblical Seminary in 2008, and currently teaches online classes in systematic theology.
The Urys come to Fall Revival with a passion for God, His word and the Asbury community.
“The interaction with the students is always my favorite thing,” Bill said. “There is something unique in the pure, unadulterated seeking after God that is resident in the heart of a person who fully engages with all that the Lord can do in the Asbury context.”

Diane especially looks forward to interacting with students, being involved in campus life, and seeing God’s leading unfold.
“I know Jesus' plans for this Revival week far excel any of ours, and I can't wait to see what He has in store,” she said.
Senior Brady Parks is looking forward to the relationships that Revival allows students to build with speakers, and hopes that the Asbury community will join together in seeking spiritual transformation.
“I hope that we come with expectant hearts, and are not just ‘changed’ — because anyone can proclaim change — but have real transformation; revival in our hearts,” Parks said.
According to Bill, this passion for whole-person transformation is one of the elements of Asbury’s historical and doctrinal context.
“The Asbury theological tradition has conceived of the grace of God as that which absolutely meets the needs of the human heart,” Bill said. “What He does for us is never complete until His saving life permeates and transforms our very being. We want to point everyone who is willing to hear of that full salvation for sin and self for the sake of His high calling and for His glory.”
Diane looks forward to sharing the message of salvation and freedom with campus.
“My prayer is that the Asbury community will be drawn into the eternal mystery of what God fully intends for us when He saves us,” she said. “I hope to see unleashed freedom to surrender life to Jesus, and that the Asbury community will encourage one another continually to believe God and His ability to make us all that He longs to make us.”

—by Joel Sams '15

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