Asbury College student puts action behind stewardship

By Heidi Heater, a senior from Jackson, Ky.

Anna Mozley and her family in Ghana.
Anna Mozley and her family in Ghana.

WILMORE, KY—The Family and Consumer Sciences for Jessamine County recently adopted a kindergarten class in Ghana, Africa. In order to gain a better understanding of Ghanaian culture, they asked freshman Anna Mozley, a child of missionaries for 10 years in Ghana, to speak Feb. 23.

Mozley anticipates sharing about her time and experiences in Ghana in order to help others reach out.

Family and Consumer Sciences learned of this kindergarten through a Ghanaian University of Kentucky professor and his wife, natives of this village. The professor helped to rebuild the school building, and Family and Consumer Sciences plans to help with electricity and plumbing expenses. In the long term, they hope to create scholarships for the kindergartners to continue their education in elementary and high school.

“In what ever way that my experience can be used, I want to be a good steward of what I’ve been given in order that others can get the most out of their experiences with stewardship,” Mozley said.

Mozley grew up in Africa where her parents are missionaries.
Mozley grew up in Africa where her parents are missionaries.

After spending almost half of her life in Ghana, Mozley wants to let others know how “awesome” a cross-cultural can be.


“I think for Family and Consumer Sciences to get an idea of what real life in Ghana is like will let them feel more connected to the school that they’re adopting,” Mozley said. “I love it when American schools get the opportunity to see a different side of education and for them to be able to hear what I am able to relate about my experience in Ghana will give them more of a connection. That is my hope in doing this.”

Mozely believes that in sharing her experiences with Family and Consumer Sciences, she is being a good steward of what the Lord has given her.

“It’s so important with the blessings that we’ve been given to recognize that there is a need, and we have an opportunity to meet that need,” Mozley said. “To share experiences helps someone else use their blessings and be able to be good stewards of what they’ve been given.”

From her and her family’s experiences in Ghana, she knows that giving has a domino effect. Although Family and Consumer Sciences will be giving financially, Mozley knows that they will receive joy and excitement from watching this school be rebuilt. To her, this is the best part because it is an unexpected blessing.

“I’ve always felt that our family has been blessed by the people we’ve worked with in Ghana with the blessings that we’ve been able to facilitate,” Mozley said. “It’s always an equal relationship, if not more with them blessing us.”

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