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Imagine Yourself… here!

A look at what you can expect from your time living in central Kentucky By Madison Anderson ’23

The student experience, outside of class work and campus life, is a unique adventure in Wilmore, and we thought who best to tell you about it than one of our students? Senior Madison Anderson ’23 describes some of her favorite things to do in the region.

Madison Anderson at Monos Coffee Crafters
Author Madison Anderson writes at one of her favorite local coffee shops, Monos Coffee Crafters.

Choosing a college to attend in a different state is like searching the housing market. You weigh what the surrounding areas offer you. Is the college in a safe area? What is the weather like? The top question that always surfaces for high schoolers and young adults, besides how much will I have to study?, is what can I do for fun?

Growing up on the east coast, I confess I initially scoffed at the idea of moving to a different part of the country, let alone Kentucky. My first instinct, without researching tourism websites or asking trusted locals, was I have no idea what there is to do here. I imagined seeing a lot of beautiful horses and wondering how quickly I’d get bored.

What I didn’t expect throughout my time at Asbury, was that most of my free time would be used for weekend trips, relaxing coffee and thrifting outings, and other daily activities that let me unwind and relax when I am done with school or work. If you are a horse person, you’re most definitely in the right place. But I promise that there are hundreds of other fun places to go and things to do here in Kentucky that have surprised and delighted me during my time at Asbury.

Even though Asbury is centered in the heart of beautiful Kentucky’s natural landscapes, you don’t have to worry about being separated from urban life and exciting activities that can fill up your free time. With Imagine Yourself… I showcase the best our state has to offer students like me heading to college, and, if you still aren’t convinced of Kentucky’s thriving culture and wonderful quality of life, at least you can say it’s not way too cold or way too hot and it’s not too far away from everything. That is a win in itself.

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