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For the Foodie

Savory and sweet weekends await.

One of the key things that makes me happy in life is food. Every morning, I wake up to my alarm and, immediately after groaning man, already, I’ll anticipate each meal that I’ll eat throughout the day. A real pick-me-up is going to nearby restaurants with my friends and spending my hard-earned money on the most delectable, satisfying food imaginable that leaves me slightly more content and with $0.00 in my bank account.

In all honesty, I do believe the food here is great, coming from a person who used to live in the cultural, culinary melting pot of New Jersey where flavors and recipe executions are king. If you’re interested in Asbury, I promise the food scene will not disappoint.


Hungry! For some reason, your hunger is insatiable, and you need to try every rendition of each food group to please your grumbling stomach. I was once so hungry and so deprived of resources, that I ate chocolate dipped in soy sauce, so let’s say you’re that desperate.

Lucky for you, Kentucky has a culinary culture that will make your taste buds tingle and hunger disappear. Anywhere from less than a mile off campus to a half-hour away, there’s food to be inhaled and expectations to be blown away.

If you’re completely new to the area, Bites of the Bluegrass has weekly foodie tours in downtown Lexington where your small group of friends can bounce from different dining experiences and get little tastes of the city’s cuisine. These attractions help to introduce you to the city’s variety and discovery of new favorite places, and you also might try something you’ve never dared to taste before!

About 20 minutes away from campus is the Kentucky Castle, a fine dining staple with locally sourced ingredients and ridiculously good food. You’ll think Gordon Ramsey is back in the kitchen screaming at the chefs. Also, it’s in a castle and it’s always a fun weekend activity to dress up and have a nice dinner with friends. Save the castle for special occasions, because delicious food and a charming ambience comes with a hefty price tag for college students.

On the more every-day-affordable side of food options, the state offers southern, home-cooking cuisine and diners with piled-high comfort food. A Kentucky staple, Ramsey’s Diner is a quick 15 minutes from campus and gives you a breakfast bang for your buck with a morning smorgasbord. Or just go for the pies. Not far from there is DV8 Kitchen, with an honorable mission and prices that’ll also honor your college budget. Try the cinnamon rolls! You’re welcome.

First Watch is one of my personal favorites. The brunch restaurant is only open from morning to late afternoon and provides a healthy and well-balanced “yippie food” (as my grandpa would call it) option for those like me who aren’t the biggest fans of greasy homestyle foods. It’s the kind of place you’d feel comfortable wearing sunglasses inside and leave feeling full but healthier.

Most chain restaurants are located around the Nicholasville and Lexington area, so if there’s a certain establishment you can’t live without, I’m confident you can find it here. Panera Bread, Olive Garden, Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Cheesecake Factory, really any style of food you could imagine or miss from your hometown.

Does this give you a little taste (haha) of the food scene? If you’re loaded with cash and are looking for a way to spend it, one of the greatest opportunities would be to try out new places for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or dessert.

Start out with a huge bagel sandwich from “Great Bagel & Bakery,” follow in the footsteps of most Asbury students and get the fast-food chicken joint “Canes” for lunch, then add in some evening dining with Drake’s just up the road in Nicholasville. Bonus: when the weather is nice you can sit outside.