Highbridge Film Festival announces winners

hbstatue.jpgWILMORE, KY—On April 26, the Highbridge Film Festival dazzled more than 1,400 attendees with a Hollywood-style showcase of Asbury College’s best student produced films. Decked out in their best attire, students and friends of the College streamed into Hughes Auditorium for a night filled with action, drama and side-splitting comedy.

The films weren’t the only student work displayed during the evening. Since January, 18 students in Prof. Greg Bandy’s special events class have been organizing the three-day Engaging Culture Weekend, which culminated on Saturday evening.The winners for the fourth annual

Highbridge Film Festival judges Erik Lokkesmoe, May-Lynn Chang, and Clayton Ferguson. Not pictured: Rick Eldridge and Bruce Broughton

Highbridge Film Festival are:

"Visceral" by Brock Smith—best drama, audience favorite, best cinematography, best audio, best editing and best special effects.


"Pencil Me In" by Austin Brooks, Ben Corwin and  Jack Brannen—best comedy
and best script.

“Just the Right Mix: The story of the Nougat Café Band” by Marshall Young and David Stillwell—best documentary.

"Shower" by Justin Morton —best super-short

More than 1,400 people attended the Highbridge Film Festival.

"Showdown" by Nick Lavenice and Katrina Hudson—best original score, which was composed by Anna Sperger

"Attempt at a Memoir" by Elisa Platillero—high school competition winner receiving $1,000 scholarship to Asbury College.

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