Campus undergoes face-lift

By Colter Matthews ’08/Collegian


When the fall semester begins students can expect several aesthetic changes to the campus.

According to Dr. Mark Troyer, vice president for student development, the main areas that will be noticeably different are interior and exterior of the new student center, the areas surrounding Hughes Chapel including the semi-circle and Jewell Street and the athletic fields.

“The student center should be opened by the time the fall semester begins,” Troyer said. “We should have two to three entrances finished. The first floor and two areas of the second floor will be open. Student offices of some kind should be in the student center. There will be lounge areas for students and a coffee service area.”

Troyer also said a porch may be built on Reasoner Green alongside the student center later, but he said that is still being discussed.

According to Eric McMillion, director of physical plant, much of the work on the student center is being accomplished using outside contractors with additional assistance from the Physical Plant.

“The majority of the work will be contracted out (painting, carpeting, lighting upgrades, major plumbing), while work on carpentry, water and sewer line repairs and HVAC installation will mainly be done by Physical Plant staff,” he said. “We also plan to complete some exterior painting and sidewalk replacement across campus this summer.”

Major and minor changes outside of Hughes Chapel will also be occurring.

“The work this summer will be phase one of a three phase campus landscaping improvement which is intended to take place over the next three summers,” McMillion said.


“The first phase concentrates primarily in the buildings around the semicircle.”

According to Dr. Charlie Fiskeaux, chief financial officer, Jewell Street, the road that runs along the side of Hughes, will be converted into a student commons. Fiskeaux said that this project, called Hughes Plaza, was originally planned four years ago as a gift to the school by Asbury alumni.

Troyer said that Hughes Plaza will be designed with walkways, benches and trees for students.

McMillion said that this new landscaping will be evident to new students when they return to campus.

“I believe the semi-circle landscaping coupled with the work that will be completed down by Hughes with walkways and seating, will be very apparent when students return in the fall,” McMillion said.


As far as changes on the athletic fields, Gary Kempf, athletic director at Asbury, said that besides work on some soccer goals, there will also be new lights installed on the soccer field. In addition, the baseball field will be refurbished.

According to Troyer, the estimated total cost of the major projects planned for this summer will be a half-million dollars.

“I am personally excited about the changes and I think the students will be pleased with these nice additions,” he said.

Renovations are underway, you can see photos of the renovation in process in our galleries .

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