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Asbury Political Science Students Thrive in Internships and Careers

March 21, 2024

Elizabeth Bramer ’25

Asbury University Political Science students wrap up semester-long internships around the Commonwealth.

Elizabeth Bramer ’25 and Ashton Montgomery ’26 work full time as interns at the Legislative Research Commission (LRC) in Frankfort this semester. Bramer serves on the Judiciary Committee and Constituent Services, and Montgomery serves on the Education Committee.

“I run floor amendments, assist with committee meetings, work with agencies to connect constituents, and see the legislative process firsthand,” Bramer said. “My dream job is to be a human rights lawyer to combat human trafficking and work with immigration.”

“I draft bills, conduct research, and deliver amendments to the Floor,” Montgomery said. “Career-wise, I am interested in impacting policy and working with people on a personal level, especially helping marginalized groups and vulnerable populations.”

As part of a renewed Political Science major, the Asbury University Social Science & History Department this fall will launch two new minors: Human Trafficking Studies and Pre-Law. These new programs allow students to customize their Political Science degree and minor based on their interests with electives in various areas including business, equine, computer science, and more.

“We teach students to apply what they learn about politics — about the way the world works — to organizations of all sorts, and thus we have graduates with careers in fields such as banking, non-profit management, and finance, as well as law and government,” said Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences and Professor of Political Science Dr. Steve Clements ’83.

Recent alumni serving in Washington, D.C., include Demarion Johnson ’21 (Press Secretary for Congressman Blake Moore) and Alison Perfater ’23 Katter (Press Assistant for the United States Senate). Current law school students include Anna Lauren Jacobs ’22 (University of Kentucky), Dallas Kastens ’22 (Vanderbilt University), and Peter Li ’23 (Wake Forest University).

Brett Gillispie ’21

Brett Gillispie ’21 currently works as a Committee Assistant at the Commission on Race and Access to Opportunity at the LRC. Finishing his Master of Public Administration degree this May, Gillispie will begin a graduate fellowship with the National Nuclear Security Administration in Washington, D.C.

“In Frankfort, I’ve had the opportunity to work with issues in education, law enforcement, and racial equity,” Gillspie said. “Within the next few months, I’m excited to help coordinate national security issues on the congressional intergovernmental relations team in the Department of Energy headquarters.”

“I recommend Asbury’s Political Science program to students because it’s important for this upcoming generation to get involved and active our government and political system, whether at the local, state, or federal level,” Gillispie said. “Both Dr. Steve Clements and Dr. Glenn Harden provide a space to talk about issues in an environment of truth-seeking while being factually, morally, and spiritually grounded.”

Asbury Political Science students can benefit from speaker events sponsored by the Joe Pitts Center for Public Policy which occur several times each semester and cover various topics such as human trafficking, humanitarian relief, civic engagement, cultural renewal, preparation for public service, and religious freedom. Learn more:

The Asbury University Social Science & History Department currently offers four majors (History, Political Science, Social Studies Grades 8-12, and Sociology) and three minors (History, Political Science, and Sociology). Learn more: