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The Salvation Army Renews Partnership with Asbury

January 30, 2020

men shaking hands after signing a documentAsbury University and The Salvation Army are proud of having worked side-by-side for over 100 years, sharing the Good News and providing critical resources to those in need across the globe. For the past five years, the two institutions have collaborated in a special way, with Asbury providing an online degree completion program for Salvation Army officers across the Eastern Territory. This month, the two institutions renewed their partnership with the signing of an agreement that will extend this close collaboration into the coming decade.

“We cherish our shared heritage, our shared theology, and our shared commitments,” said Asbury University President Dr. Kevin Brown, “I’m especially grateful for Commissioner Bamford and his vision for continuing education.”

The Salvation Army is an active global ministry with officers deployed across the nation and around the world. Recently a way was needed to help these officers develop their management skills. Because they lead local ministry around the country and needed to stay on-location, sending them off to college for several years was not an option. To meet this need, Asbury University developed a new program for Salvation Army officers that consists of a combination of online and intensive in-person classes.

“The Salvation Army Eastern Territory and Asbury entered a partnership in 2013 to provide a degree completion program specially tailored to the needs of Salvation Army Officers,” said Kristi Boss, the Director of Salvation Army Programs. “Both institutions are rooted in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition, with a deep desire to train and send strong, Godly men and women into the world for the cause of Christ.”

group of Asbury administrators and Salvation Army officersAs a part of this cooperation, officers have the chance to learn from and be mentored by Asbury’s experienced faculty while completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree that will help expand their mission of front-line service to others.

“We are excited to continue our long-standing partnership with the Eastern Territory of the Salvation Army,” said Dr. Timothy Wooster, Asbury University Provost. “The extension of this most recent collaboration represents our shared commitment to Wesleyan-Holiness formation, meeting the needs of our neighbor, and a vision for the future study and work of officers entering the field.”

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