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Asbury Celebrates National Tutoring Week

October 10, 2019

Students studying togetherIt’s National Tutoring Week (Oct. 7-11) and Asbury University is taking the time to celebrate its peer tutors!

Asbury’s peer tutors make a big impact on campus as they work one-on-one with students on writing, course-specific work and academic coaching in the University’s Center for Academic Excellence (CAE).

During the 2018-2019 academic year, there were 2,926 appointments in the CAE; in an average week, the 41 CAE student workers will see around 144 appointments.

According to Dr. Corrie Merricks, director of the CAE, peer tutoring is a collaborative effort which offers growth to both the tutor and tutee.

“The tutor gains interpersonal skills, greater knowledge of their subject area and grows in their ability to listen to others and discern what the student really needs,” Merricks said. “Tutees grow to become stronger writers or students, and they also grow in courage and confidence—asking for help isn’t a bad thing! In fact, sometimes the courses that challenge us most help us to grow the most.”

Reid Matheison ’21 has worked as an academic coach for two years and finds the experience to be incredibly enriching for his own academic career.

“The most rewarding part is really seeing the students I work with make a change and improve in their studies,” Matheison said. “Being an academic coach has given me an excellent group to work with and rewarding work to do on campus.”

Teri Crutcher ’20, who works as an academic coach and course tutor, notes that being a tutor has empowered her to become a better communicator and that she enjoys sharing those “light bulb” moments with her tutees.

“Asking for help from someone is never a bad thing,” Crutcher said. “I’ve had a lot of people tell me they don’t want tutoring because it’s awkward. It’s only awkward if you make it awkward.”

In Merricks’ own experience, peer tutors can continue to see the positive effects of their time working in the CAE years after they graduate.

“Working as a writing consultant helped me grow in interpersonal skills, and it gave me some teaching experience,” Merricks said. “When I applied for graduate assistantships and fellowships, I could communicate that I already had a basic knowledge of how to teach writing, and that was such an asset! I still keep in touch with one of the students I tutored over 20 years ago, and he is doing amazing work as a fifth grade teacher.”

The CAE is one of several academic resources available to students at Asbury. Students also have access to:

National Tutoring Week was launched by the National Tutoring Association 11 years ago and is celebrated at colleges, universities and private tutoring centers across the country. For more information on National Tutoring Week, visit

Please join us in thanking our peer tutors for all of the transformative work they do on our campus.

Learn more about academic resources at Asbury University.