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Online Learning at Asbury is Set Apart

June 14, 2019

Set apart. That’s one way to describe online learning at Asbury University.

With online learning, Asbury sets students up for success, no matter what stage of life or geographic location they may find themselves in.

“It’s our goal to give this experience that’s highly relational and highly interactive,” Dr. Josh Fee, dean of Adult & Online Learning, said. “That’s an important part of what online learning looks like at Asbury University. So, there will be many opportunities for students to have interactions, not just with content but also interactions with the faculty and with each other.” 

Adult Professional Studies (APS) programs are designed to integrate student life into your everyday with ease. APS classes are eight-weeks in length and can begin in August, October, January and March. Offered at an accelerated rate, classes are designed with adult learners in mind. Whether you’re just starting a degree program for the first time or working towards completing one, Asbury has the perfect APS program for you. Current offerings include:  

Financing your APS program at Asbury is a breeze. Asbury offers an affordable rate of $399 per credit hour with an abundance of financial aid and scholarships available to students.

Asbury APS alumni are working in fields ranging from ministry leadership to martial arts training. Thanks to the unique liberal arts component of the University’s degree programs, students walk away with a broad set of skills that allows them to succeed in any industry. For more information on APS programs at Asbury, contact APS at

In addition to APS, Asbury offers the following online graduate degree programs:

Graduate programs are distinctively faith-based and combine Asbury’s academic excellence and spiritual vitality in an online learning environment. Some of these programs are also available on campus.

For Chelsea Hardy ’17, the online format of the Master of Arts in Communication was essential in allowing her the freedom to pursue her graduate degree in a time frame and location that worked for her.

“It’s not your typical online experience,” Hardy said. “It’s very interactive. You’ll feel like you’re in a classroom, but the best part is you can be anywhere in the world. I just think it’s a great program for anybody pursuing the creative side of writing, directing or film. I’ve had a great experience.”

Find more information on graduate programs at Asbury.

Program quality is consistent across all of Asbury’s programs and online students follow the same requirements as traditional, on-campus students. Asbury’s online classes are also taught by terminally-degreed professors, so adult and online learners can rest assured that they are receiving a high-quality, Christian education that will set them up for success, even if they aren’t able to sit in a physical classroom on campus.

“Asbury applicants may be entering into a program that’s delivered online, but we don’t think of them as online students; they are Asbury students,” Fee said. “You may be experiencing your learning in an online environment and that’s a delivery modality, but that’s not who you are as a student. Regardless of how you are getting your education, we think of you as an Asbury student.”

In addition to Asbury’s APS and graduate programs, the University offers traditional undergraduate students a selection of online general education courses each semester. These eight-week courses are a great option for those who want to accelerate the completion of general education requirements.

Asbury’s online learning goes above and beyond, and even reaches high school juniors and seniors who want to get a head start on college. Asbury Academy is a dual-enrollment program that gives high school students the chance to earn college credit while finishing up their high school careers. The Academy is also perfect for homeschooled students who want to be challenged academically before entering college. Classes are available online and on campus. Learn more about Asbury Academy.

Asbury’s unique online offerings will fit into your day-to-day, no matter what stage of life you may find yourself in. With affordability and flexibility, online learning at Asbury will allow you to start here and impact the world.

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