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Day by Day

December 17, 2018

Road panorama on a sunny spring dayBy Dr. Mike Kane

For the 1971 Off-Broadway musical, Godspell, Stephen Schwartz wrote a simple song that skyrocketed to #13 on Billboard’s Pop Singles Chart in the summer of 1972. Some 45 year later, I can still remember the refrain to the song, Day by Day. It went like this:

Oh dear Lord, three things I pray
To see the more clearly
Love thee more dearly
Follow thee more nearly
Day by day

We all want to do great things for the Kingdom through our work and career whether that be to start a successful business, become the CEO of our company, or to lead a nonprofit working in communities around the world to eliminate poverty and suffering.

While the Lord wants us to dream big and put no limitations on our possibilities, he wants us to live one day at time in simple, dependent obedience. Paul in Philippians 2:13 reminds us that, “God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to please him.”

The volatility and turbulence of a life in the marketplace should remind us that we are not in control of success. There is only one way to live out our calling in the marketplace – day by day.

So, let’s make today the day that we pray for three simple things: to see, love, and follow him more clearly, dearly, and nearly. Day by day.