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Asbury Ensembles Impact Community Through Wesley Village Series

October 15, 2018

Asbury University’s Jazz Ensemble and Handbell Choir recently performed at the Wesley Village Retirement community in Wilmore, Ky., offering students the opportunity to engage with community members through musical entertainment and an hors d’oeuvres reception afterwards.

“The nice thing about performing at Wesley Village is how welcoming everyone is,” said junior Victoria Hall, a member of both performing ensembles. “The Music Department is received with such warmth; you can tell that people genuinely want to hear the music we are playing.”

A part of Wesley Village’s Asbury University Masterworks series, the event featured a classic big band style set by the jazz ensemble and interspersed pieces performed by the Wesley Memorial Handbell Choir.

Although hosted by Wesley Village, the Masterworks Series isn’t for residents alone. The events are publicized in local papers and church bulletins and offer the chance for community members to “participate and add to the artistic life of Wilmore,” said Dr. Mark Schell, chair of the Asbury music department and director of the Handbell Choir.

According to Schell, the Masterworks Series consists of four performances at Wesley Village a year, alternating which Asbury ensembles perform. Originally started by Alan Beuscher, vice president for community relations at Wesley Village, the term “masterworks” was chosen to represent the series in reference to excellence in musical performance, as well as the goal of bringing glory to God, the Master of all music.

The biggest impact of the concerts isn’t always the music. “Sometimes it’s the subtle things,” Schell said. “I’ve met different folks with different life stories and I’ve yet to meet one not thrilled to hear the quality of music, and just the fact that we came out means a lot to them.”

“It’s a lot of work to be in these concerts,” said Hall. “But I find at the end of the day, regardless of how I’ve been feeling before the concert, I walk away with gratitude in my heart because I know we have made a difference in someone’s day through music.”

Asbury has been performing at the senior community center for at least fifteen years, according to Schell.

“I don’t sense any fatigue,” he said. “Both [Asbury and Wesley Village] don’t see [the Masterworks series] ending any time soon.”

— by Katherine Sheets ’20

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