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Asbury’s Family Weekend 2018 Celebrates Community

October 9, 2018

Asbury University’s annual Family Weekend took place this past weekend, with families and prospective students joining together on campus for a plethora of exciting activities.

“This is the one time of year where we can encourage families to join their students in experiencing what life is like here at Asbury,” said Asbury Student Congress Vice President of Activities Maggie Richwine ’20.

Some events on campus included a tailgate party, a goat roast hosted by the World Gospel Mission Student Center, concerts performed by the men’s glee club, women’s choir and handbell choir, Athletics events, a parents’ breakfast with the President and much more! View a photo gallery below!

In addition, Family Weekend and Sibling Invasion brought parents and siblings to campus for a full schedule of activities including a Parents’ Breakfast with the President wherein parents were able to dine with Asbury University President Sandra C. Gray and learn more about what’s going on at the University.

Clay Bisher ’20 hosted his younger cousin, Braden, for Sibling Invasion. “It’s really rewarding to be able to bring my cousin here to get the Asbury experience,” Bisher said, “We have a unique atmosphere here and it is always special when family gets to experience it too.”

Sibling Invasion is an annual admissions event where current students can bring their younger siblings or family members to campus to get that unique experience. Visitors are given the chance to go to classes, attend Chapel, tour campus and be treated to all the lively athletic events that took place.

Asbury came together as a student body and alumni family to support their athletes in several meets.

Saturday morning, both men’s and women’s swimming teams, as well as the baseball team, held meets with current students going up against alumni and other prospective students. Later that evening, the men’s soccer team capped off the weekend with an 8-0 victory over the University of Cincinnati-Clermont.

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