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Imagine 2022’s Initiative VI Sets a Solid Foundation for the Future

August 24, 2018

Student CenterAsbury University’s strategic priorities have been taking shape not just in on-campus resources and the intangibles that make Asbury a truly special place but in the physical facilities and systems that set the foundation of the University.

“Imagine 2022: Asbury’s Vision for Faithful Change” is a statement of Asbury’s five-year strategic priorities, acting as a road map as we seek to serve our generation while deepening our commitment to Asbury’s mission. Learn more about Imagine 2022.

Because Initiative VI: Deliver focuses on the infrastructure of the University, one of the primary pieces is completing the Ignited Campaign’s construction goals. These are already well underway as we’ve seen the completion of Windsor Manor, the Joe Pitts Center for Public Policy and the Bowdoin Athletic Practice Facility. Right now, funds are being raised for the Student Center renovation and the building of the Collaborative Learning Center.

Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer Glenn Hamilton ’91 is overseeing much of the facilities and system updates for Initiative VI, which serves to “pursue excellence in the development, implementation and management of systems, facilities and infrastructure.”

Initiative VI is comprises four main points, including the following:

  1. Maximize physical facilities for university functions and opportunities.
    1. Realize Ignited Campaign goal for new construction, capital renovation and program plan implementation.
    2. Update facilities master plan.
    3. Optimize utilization of university facilities.
  2. Improve online student experience.
    1. Optimize online facility and capacity.
  3. Increase capacity and efficiency of internal infrastructure.
    1. Ensure viability of ERP.
  4. Identify, hire and develop outstanding employees committed to supporting the University mission.
    1. Complete compensation benchmarking.
    2. Invest in training and development for faculty and staff.

“It’s important to know that the initiative is not just about constructing a new building,” Hamilton said. “It’s about how we operate and run what we have, not just in physical facilities but in our infrastructure, in our IT systems. Can a person use our systems and experience something intuitive and easy to use? That’s part of what we’re looking at, as well.”

The Asbury Portal — which includes class registration, financial and academic information and more — has seen major improvements, according to Hamilton, as Asbury’s IT Department has done an excellent job recreating the University’s online systems. Updates to the portal have made the interface more user-friendly, especially in how the registration process is set up.

Through the implementation of Imagine 2022, there has also been much progress in providing funds for the development of faculty. According to Hamilton, they are just a year away from meeting that goal of point four.  

“Our faculty truly embody academic excellence in their research and study,” Hamilton said. “And as we continue to invest in opportunities for their professional development, we’re also investing in the student experience at Asbury.”

The business affairs staff  recently finished a campus-wide facilities survey to get a better sense of deferred maintenance issues and what needs to be done in each building over the next five to ten years.

Over the next 18 months, Hamilton and his staff will be entering into the design phase of the Collaborative Learning Center and looking to begin construction. They’ll also be looking at utility usage and the scheduling of facilities to see if there are ways to make those elements more effective.

We ask our Asbury University community to join us in praying for the continued progress of Imagine 2022. To learn more about Imagine 2022: Asbury’s Vision for Faithful Change, and to read the strategic priorities in full, visit