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Asbury English Professor Awarded Arts Fellowship

August 16, 2018

Asbury University’s English Department is known for its thought-provoking, challenging classes and its top-quality, terminally-degreed professors. The caliber of the department’s professors has been once again demonstrated by Dr. Marcia Hurlow, who was recently awarded the Al Smith Fellowship through the Kentucky Arts Council.

Hurlow is one of 16 Kentucky artists chosen for an Al Smith Individual Artist Fellowship, a $7,500 award. According to a press release from the Kentucky Arts Council, this round of fellowships was awarded to literary artists in the disciplines of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and playwriting. The fellowships are available to a diverse range of artists on a rotating basis. Some years, the fellowships go to choreographers, songwriters or visual artists. Hurlow was previously selected as a fellow in 1998.

Al Smith Fellows may use their funds in whatever manner they wish, but must submit a report at the end of the year. The fellowship abounds with opportunities. During her first fellowship, Hurlow received many requests from libraries, schools and universities to give workshops and readings. The fellowship also provides opportunities for networking amongst writers across Kentucky. This time, Hurlow plans to use her funds and time as a fellow to be inspired by art, music and the world around her.

“I want to spend more time at concerts and art museums, since they inspire the ekphrastic work I have done the past few years, but also to do more traveling,” Hurlow said. “It may not be to the European capitals, but instead, just getting in my little Chevy and driving until I find something interesting happening or someone with a story.”

Join us in congratulating Dr. Marcia Hurlow on her amazing academic and literary achievements. Hurlow’s work has appeared in more than 300 literary magazines, and her poetry books include “Aliens Are Intercepting My Brain Waves,” “Dangers of Travel,” “A Tree Ogham,” “Anomie,” “Green Man in Suburbia” and “Brushstrokes on Water.” Hurlow’s books are available for checkout in Kinlaw Library and for purchase at local bookstores and online retailers.

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