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Imagine 2022 Update: Initiative V

July 6, 2018

Asbury University is imagining a future where students are given better options when it comes to financing their educations. Vice President of Institutional Advancement & Strategic Partnerships Dr. Mark Troyer and his committee have been hard at work raising $10 million in endowed scholarships as part of the Ignited Campaign. This campaign is working in tandem to bring Initiative V: Innovate of Imagine 2022 to fruition.

The goal of Initiative V is to “create a culture of business innovation to meet the strategic demands of mission readiness, institutional sustainability and student affordability.”

The first tactic of Innovate is to “generate downward pressure on cost of attendance” through the implementation of strategies to reduce the average student debt load and the achievement of the Ignited Campaign goal for Scholarship Endowment growth. 

Thanks to incredibly generous alumni and other kind donors, the University is making good progress toward this goal. This endowment fund will not only provide scholarships for a bevy of current and future students, but will also create a brighter future for the University. 

“The health of the University is enhanced when we have a larger endowment to draw from,” Troyer said.

The University has added a significant number of new endowed scholarships over the last year, according to Troyer. Of its $10 million goal, around $9.7 million has been raised so far.

“Some of our students’ financial aid is dependent on the state and federal government,” Troyer said. “So, for us to have more of our own funds to help students is a much better model than depending on policy that may change from the federal government or the state on what a student would be eligible for. It’s helping us be more independent regarding financial aid, and it’s healthier in the long run.”

Those who are interested in beginning a fund can create a named endowed scholarship for a specific type of student — for instance, a student who comes from a particular background or who is pursuing a certain field of study. The minimum cost to endow a scholarship is $30,000. 

“It’s been really rewarding for me in this role, just this last year, to be out on the road and hear great stories [from alumni] about how faculty impacted them, how their lives were changed as a result of being here and how they are willing and interested in helping students continue that,” Troyer said.

The University is incredibly grateful for all who have given to the Ignited Campaign, and we look forward to celebrating even more impact as we imagine a future of financial freedom for students.

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