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With Online Learning at Asbury, the Opportunities are Endless

June 29, 2018

At Asbury University, students are provided with a world-class education in a Christ-centered environment not only on campus but also in online classes. Asbury’s online classes are available to high school students through Asbury Academy, traditional undergraduate students living on campus, adult learners seeking degree completion and students seeking graduate degrees.

Online classes are taught by terminally-degreed professors so you can be sure you’re getting a top-quality learning experience. Asbury’s quintessential community and spiritual vitality are also key components to an online learning experience at Asbury. Professors incorporate the Christian faith into classroom topics, provide support and foster community amongst online class members.

Traditional undergraduate students can choose from several online general education courses each semester. These courses run for half of the semester in an 8-week schedule and are perfect for those who want to earn some general education credits at an accelerated rate.  

Those interested in graduate programs can choose from a Master of Business Administration,  Master of Arts in Communication, Master of Fine Arts (Screenwriting and Film & Television Production options) and multiple Graduate Education degrees. These programs are available both online and on-campus. Learn more about graduate programs.

Adult & Online Learning offers seven different online programs including bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Education, Social Work, Instructional Design, Leadership and Ministry, Organizational Management and Ministry Management and an Associate of Science degree.

The online format of degree-completion and graduate classes makes it easy to incorporate your studies into your daily routine. Whether you’re working full-time or pursuing a degree while staying at home with the kids, Asbury’s learning options are designed to fit into your current lifestyle.

Dr. Josh Fee, dean of the School of Graduate & Professional Studies, often meets with students before they begin a program to assist in determining how many classes they can manage at once and to figure out a degree completion plan.

“We have some students who come into the program and want to move through it in a part-time fashion, maybe because they have jobs and kids and other things that they’re trying to manage,” Fee said. “We have some students who come in and want to go through the program at a full-time pace. Another really important part of the relational aspect of this program is our interaction with students from the beginning to the end. At the beginning stages, we sit down with each student to develop out a plan for them. That plan is going to look different for every student.”

Fee notes that each student’s plan takes into account their current lifestyle and responsibilities with work and family.

“We have some students who come in and they have two jobs and four kids. And some have no jobs and no kids,” Fee said. “We have some students who come in with zero credit hours completed and some who have 75. So, the plan for those students is going to look very different but we have those conversations on the front end. A lot of the time, it’s over a cup of coffee because we have to have that conversation to get to know the student. It’s usually in those conversations that the student offers up information that gives us a sense of what they really can manage. They tell us about things that they’re involved in, where they work and what their family life is like and we use all that information to make recommendations to them.”

Learn more about Asbury’s Adult & Online Learning programs.

High school juniors and seniors can take online and on-campus classes through Asbury Academy, a dual-enrollment program that allows high school students to earn college credits while finishing their high school career. Learn more about Asbury Academy.

Incoming freshman Ashley Miller ’22 took classes through Asbury Academy as a high school senior. Participating in the dual-enrollment program gave her flexibility and affordability in getting a head start on college.

“You earn college credits while still in high school, which saves you time and money when you go to college,” Miller said.

Asbury Academy’s online course offerings are concentrated into 8-week segments and are rigorous in nature, so they are typically reserved for students who have strong academic discipline. Additionally, students in Academy may only take one online class at a time.

Start at Asbury. Impact the world. No matter your stage in life, you’ll find Asbury’s online classes can fit into your schedule. Asbury provides students a world-class, faith-based education with flexibility and affordability thanks to online programs.  

Find where you fit in at: asbury.edu/Admissions.