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Asbury Offers Pre-Med Students Unique Opportunity Through LECOM Agreement

May 2, 2018

chemistry student pouring a solution into a beakerWILMORE, Ky. – Asbury University has recently reached an articulation agreement with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM). This agreement will allow Asbury pre-med students to apply to LECOM’s Early Acceptance Program (EAP) for osteopathic medicine. 
Asbury Health Professions Advisor Dr. Bruce Branan notes that the agreement will be a great option for biochemistry majors who want to pursue medical school after Asbury.
“This EAP with LECOM is certainly a beneficial program for all parties,” Branan said. “Qualifying Asbury students benefit from having a guaranteed acceptance into a leading osteopathic medical school, Asbury University benefits by being able to offer this program and attract academically strong students to its campus and LECOM benefits by having this program attract motivated students who want to become qualified osteopathic physicians. We have seen an increase in Asbury students interested in osteopathic medicine in recent years, and this program will certainly encourage that trend to continue.”
The articulation agreement with LECOM will allow students in either year one or two to gain early admission to LECOM for either a 4+4 program or a 3+4 program. In the 3+ 4 program, students would attend Asbury for three years before transferring to LECOM. Upon reaching 30 credits at LECOM, students would complete their Asbury undergraduate degree in biochemistry. Up to five Asbury students will be accepted for the LECOM program each year.

“This is a unique opportunity for students who are considering medical school,” said Dr. Vins Sutlive, chair of Asbury’s Science & Health Department. “This allows for students to seek early admission and also reduce the overall number of years to obtain their medical degree.  Asbury is one of the few schools able to offer this special program.”

 As part of the application process, students will go through a series of interviews. They also must maintain specific academic standards and meet course requirements. Due to the early acceptance nature of the program, students do not need to complete the MCAT, provided they meet the course requirements in biochemistry and genetics.
“One of the biggest mountains to conquer for a pre-med student is the MCAT, even for students with excellent grades in all of their courses,” Branan said. “Medical schools use the MCAT score to decide who gets an interview. The fact that the LECOM EAP does not require the MCAT is sure to be an attraction for students going into medicine who have already proven themselves academically, based on their science courses and their SAT or ACT scores.”
Students must apply for the 4+4 program prior to the start of their junior year at Asbury, have a minimum overall high school GPA of 3.5 and have an SAT / ACT composite score of 1240 / 26. Students interested in the 3+4 program must have a minimum overall high school GPA of 3.7 and have SAT / ACT scores of at least 1340 / 28.
“Pre-med students work hard to gain admission to medical school, but competition increases each year. It is not uncommon for excellent students to not get accepted the first time they apply,” Branan said. “I am so excited to have this program to share with Asbury students as an opportunity that they should consider!”

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