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Honors Convocation Spotlights Academic Excellence at Asbury

April 27, 2018

student receiving an award on stage during a ceremonyApril 27, 2018

WILMORE, Ky. — Asbury University’s tradition of academic excellence was front and center during the annual Honors Convocation chapel Wednesday morning, which honored seniors for outstanding academic work. In keeping with another longstanding tradition — one that goes back to medieval universities — professors dressed up in academic regalia for the occasion. View the full list of awardees below.

A procession of faculty was led by Dr. Gerald Miller and Dr. Burnam Reynolds ‘70. Students Elijah Lutz ’19, Betsey Shifflett ’19 and Kathryn Brown ’21 served as heraldry bearers during the ceremony.

Interim Provost Dr. Bonnie Banker made remarks before the outstanding seniors from the Vindicated Class were commended for high academic achievement, character and merit.

“To be in the center of God’s will, and to be able to hear His voice, we have to be willing to silence everything else,” Banker said. “To hear God’s voice is a privilege, but we must learn to be very, very still. To you, whom we are honoring today, we thank you for ordering your lives so you can do God’s work and glorify Him. As we seek to honor Him, we want to honor you today.”

Student Body President Tim Shell ’18 also officially introduced the new Executive Cabinet including rising Student Body President Elijah Lutz ’19. SEARCH subject area winners Sarah Browning ’18, Alyssa Martin ’18 and Elaine Binnix ’18 were among those recognized during the convocation.

Join us in congratulating the members of the class of 2018 for their academic achievements and continued dedication to spiritual vitality.

Student Honors

Department of Ancient & Modern Languages (Outstanding Seniors)

Ancient Languages: Adam Burge
French: Nathan McBride
Spanish: Anna Leigh Morrow

Art Department

Art & Design Merit Award: Kayla Morlan

Dayton School of Business

Student of the Year, Accounting: Allison Lyon
Students of the Year, Business Management: Caitlin Conyers & Rachel Poole
Student of the Year, Marketing: Jennifer Stratton
Student of the Year, Sport Management: Jonathan Waterman
Professors’ Choice Award: Austin Cocanougher
Outstanding Senior: Bailey Patrick

Christian Studies & Philosophy Department

Outstanding Achievement in Bible & Theology: Zachary Massengale
Outstanding Achievement in Christian Ministries: Adam Schell
E. Stanley Jones Scholastic Award in Missions: Anjela Alicea
Association of Youth Ministry Educators Certification of Excellence: Lauren Edgell

School of Communication Arts (Outstanding Seniors)

Communication: Rachal McKenzie
Theatre: Delaney Hart
Worship Arts: Carolyne Clements
Journalism: Kaitlyn Ellington
Media Communication: Josiah Downey
Communication Arts Character & Leadership Award: Mia Wiersema

School of Education (Outstanding Seniors)

Elementary Education: Madison Lee & Cierra Hawkins
Secondary Education: Ashley Oates
P-12 Education: Sarah Boiney
APS Elementary Education: Lisa Estep

English Department

Academic Excellence in English: Anna Leigh Morrow
Academic Excellence in Creative Writing: Sarah Browning
Academic Excellence in English Education 8-12: Alicia Wilson

Mathematics Department

Kenyon Science & Math Award: Young Hwan Kim
Outstanding Senior in Mathematics: Seth Heinss
Secondary Math Teaching Award: Kara Wiley

Music Department

Outstanding Achievement Bachelor of Arts in Music: Phoebe Glaser
Outstanding Achievement Bachelor of Science in Music Education: Brenden Moore

Psychology Department

Highest Academic Achievement in Psychology: Bethany Engler
Alan E. & Yvonne C. Moulton Scholarship: Susannah Searls
Lee Fisher Psi Award for Servant Leadership, Service, Character & Excellence: Alyssa Martin

Science & Health Department (Outstanding Seniors)

Biology: Rachel Bailey
Biochemistry: Emily Ross
Equine Studies: Rebekah Johnson
Allied Health: Susanna Hall
Hansel P. Shipps Medical Science Award: Rebekah Israel
Deese Science Research: Ramon Guivas

History Department (Outstanding Seniors)

History: Laura Johnson
Political Science: Sara Trapp
Social Studies Teacher Education: Isaac Moore

Department of Social Work

Outstanding Academic Achievement in Social Work: Grace Wilson, Caitlin Conyers
Excellence in Leadership & Service in Social Work: Kristen Stacy

Roy L. Lauter Servant Leadership Award

Elijah Bachali
Margaret Whitworth
Hunter Mitchell
Susannah Searls

SEARCH Scholarship Symposium Subject Area Winners

Student Scholar of Excellence in the Arts: Sarah Browning
Student Scholar of Excellence in the Humanities: Elaine Binnix
Student Scholar of Excellence in the Sciences: Alyssa Martin
2018 Overall Student Scholar of Excellence: Sarah Browning

Faculty Honors

Years of Service

5 Years

Amy Bessin
Dr. Kevin Brown
Dr. Jill Campbell
Dr. Cheryll Crowe
Prof. Sarah Hogencamp
Dr. Michael Hylen
Dr. Michael Kane
Dr. Erin Penner

10 Years

Dr. Steve Clements
Dr. Janet Dean
Dr. Bill Hall
Glenn Hamilton
Dr. Brian Hull
Prof. Margaret Park Smith
Dr. Nicholas Placido
Prof. Emily Walsh

15 Years

Prof. Jeff Day

20 years

Dr. Dan Strait

25 years

Dr. Vicki Bell
Dr. Don Burgess
Dr. Doug Walker

30 years

Dr. Don Zent

35 years

Dr. Marcia Hurlow

45 years

Dr. Gerald Miller


Dr. Jill Campbell (Assistant Professor to Associate Professor)
Dr. Erin Penner (Assistant Professor to Associate Professor)
Prof. Sarah Hogencamp (Assistant Professor to Associate Professor)
Prof. Josh Smith (Assistant Professor to Associate Professor)
Dr. Glen Flanigan (Associate Professor to Full Professor)

Tenure Granted

Dr. Claire Peterson
Dr. David Riel
Dr. Rocky Wallace

Terminal Degrees Earned

Dr. Michael Yoder (PhD, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Seattle Pacific University)